4 Best Reddit Penny Stocks For Your Watchlist In June

For investors finding the best penny stocks Reddit has become a key pastime for many. It can be a challenge; however, it can also be profitable and rewarding. There are various ways that you can ensure your chances of having a profitable portfolio.


Firstly, doing thorough research is crucial, especially for best Reddit penny stocks or any penny stock. The research will set you apart from most traders. It is the difference between professional traders and those just starting out. There is not one particular platform to do your research on. Still, you should aim to source all available information online, which can ultimately be beneficial.


Secondly, it is also important to discover if any speculative factors impacting the given penny stock or sector. These factors could be news, industry-wide events, press releases, and more. Best penny stocks Reddit can be extremely speculative than most other penny stocks, so understanding what makes them move is crucial.


Finally, Investors and traders should learn how to take profit.

If you are greedy with penny stocks, you will ultimately get nowhere and land yourself in the red. This includes feelings of missing out. For example, if you see your penny stock that has been mentioned on Reddit has increased substantially in a day or two.


Many investors will want to jump right in to be part of the substantial rise. This will ultimately result in losses, so try not to trade based on emotions and always trade with a strategy. Considering all these things, we will look at the best penny stocks Reddit to watch now.


Penny Stocks On Reddit To Watch In 2021

Discovering the best penny stocks Reddit can be a great strategy in 2021. But it is crucial to understand that the highly speculative nature of these penny stocks will be greater, especially when you add social media into the mix.


If you are the sort of investor who enjoys speculation, and volatility, then these penny stocks could be right for you.


Investors should consider what exactly is moving the stock. Has some news been released? Are company earnings on the horizon? These are crucial factors to consider and will ultimately help you decide to buy or sell penny stocks.


Investors need to consider whether the penny stock is a short squeeze or meme stock. These terms are not new, but they are largely in play in 2021. For example, a short squeeze is stocks that many investors are betting against.


This has already been witnessed in AMC, BB, and GME this year. But does that mean if a penny stock is shorted, it may experience a meteorically rise, like the ones mentioned above? Meme stocks, however, usually are highly talked about on social media.


It could be a large social sentiment, emotional connection to the stock, or maybe it’s just trending. All of these factors will ultimately play a role in these best penny stocks Reddit and the stock price. Finally, knowing which one has the most impact puts you ahead of the competition. With all these things considered, here are the four best penny stocks Reddit traders are buying.

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Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL)

Tellurian Inc strives to create value for its shareholders by building a low-cost global natural gas organization. The company’s main aim is to deliver natural gas to customers globally. The company has been developing an impressive natural gas production and infrastructure portfolio, including 27.6 mtpa LNG export facility and associated pipeline. For more information, please visit https://www.tellurianinc.com/


Might the options market be predicting a possible spike in Tellurian? The July 16th options call at $6 Call had some of the highest volatility out of all the equity options today.


What exactly is implied volatility? It mainly shows how much movement the market’s expecting in the future. Options demonstrating high levels of implied volatility would suggest that investors are expecting a big move in either direction.


It could also be due to an event coming up that could cause a rally or sell-off. Considering these factors, implied volatility is only one piece of the jigsaw when you put an options trading strategy together.


Options traders are indeed pricing in a big move for Tellurian.

Currently, the fundamental picture of the company is Zacks Rank #3 HOLD in oil and gas. In contrast, the refining and marketing industry ranks at 19% at the bottom, which is the industry rank.


Suppose you consider the way analysts are feeling right now regarding Tellurian. In that case, the implied volatility could be a potential trade development.

best penny stocks reddit. Tellurian Inc. TELL chart

TELL chart shows a rally from April to June. Prices increased from $1.50 to $5.82. Prices are now pausing for breath and resting on $3.87. Could this trend continue to the upside? Or sell-off? Is TELL a stock worth watching, or will you wait for price action to confirm?



Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: CYCN)

Cyclerion Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharma company on a mission to develop a range of treatments that restore cognitive functions. The company has developed first-in-class, CNS-penetrant, and sGC stimulators. They have already discovered the potential impact on a broad range of CNS diseases. Its most advanced compound is CY6463, showing rapid improvement associated with the cognitive function and clinical development of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Cyclerion Therapeutics entered into a license agreement with Akebia Therapeutics. A global biopharma company focused on kidney disease.


They are developing and commercializing praliciguat, and oral sGC stimulator.


Akebia has now obtained an exclusive license to research, commercialize, and develop praliciguat globally.


Cyclerion Therapeutics is excited to license praliciguat to Akebia, who have already demonstrated their leadership in kidney disease. Akebia will make an excellent partnership for the future development of praliciguat.


This agreement will position Cyclerion with long-term value and enable them to develop cognitive impairment treatments. The company will expand its development pipeline with the licensing of praliciguat. The company believes that it is highly complementary to its strategy in producing novel Therapeutics for those affected by kidney disease. Cyclerion will continue to leverage its capabilities to commercialize and develop praliciguat globally.

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best penny stocks reddit. Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc. CYCN chart

CYCN chart has been moving up slowly from May. Prices from $2 to $4.89 in June. You can see the volume spike on June 8th, shortly after earnings. Prices are now at $3.72. Could the price continue to meander, or will prices increase? Did CYCN make it onto your watchlist?




Clearside Biomedical Inc. (NASDAQ: CLSD)

Clearside Biomedical is a biopharma company developing and delivering treatments to preserve and restore eye diseases. Its leading brand is SCS Microinjector® targeting the suprachoroidal space, offering access to the macula. In this retina choroid, sight-threatening diseases occur. In addition, the company strives to provide new formulations and medications.


Clearside Biomedical is it a buy right now? This is indeed a potent one for investors, as the small-cap biotech with clinical trials in the pipeline may provide good opportunities. However, this may be fraught with risk. If the outcome does indeed miss the target, investors may offload the shares faster than you think. But, on the other hand, delivery of the goods and the rewards are plentiful.


Investors in Clearside Biomedical sat on the sidelines recently after that share took off by 38% when Clearside announced positive clinical results for CLS-AX, a therapy for age-related macular degeneration.


The results indicated that the drug was safe and indicating early signs of efficiency. As a result, the company will move forward with its studies, and these should be complete at the end of the year.


Clearside Biomedical believes that its clinical results for CLS-AX are very encouraging, with the safety results supporting Cohort-2. In addition, the company believes that the drug addresses unmet needs, has huge potential in retinal disease treatments, and will create more shareholder value.

best penny stocks reddit. Clearside Biomedical Inc. CLSD chart

CLSD chart shows a spike on June 17th and increased volume resulting in buying pressure. The RSI is currently overbought, and prices are now at $4.84. Is CLSD on a rally, or is it pausing due to the buying frenzy? Could prices surge again or lose momentum. Is CLSD a good candidate for your watchlist?




China XiangtaiFood Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: PLIN)

China XiangtaiFood is based in China who is engaged in pork processing. The company’s operations include pork processing, slaughtering, wholesale, and distribution of various fresh pork meats and parts.


The company is focused on pork products and also offers lamb, beef, and poultry products. The recent acquisition of Chongqing Ji Mao Cang Feed Co has enabled them to expand their business in feed raw material and feed formula solutions. PLIN is committed to providing the highest standards in product quality, food safety, and sustainability to provide tasty food through its portfolio of trusted brands.

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Shareholders will be happy to witness the share price of 18% last month. But this does not change the fact that over the last year, results have been displeasing.


China XiangtaiFood fell into a loss-making position during the year, with some investors dumping the stock. However, despite this, there may be an opportunity for investors if the company does recover.


The market gained 47% last year, so that leaves shareholders confused why they lost 12%. However, it is good to be aware that some of the best stocks will often underperform.


It is good to see a 17% rebound during the last months. However, this could be a bounce because of aggressive selling. But let’s hope that this is the start of a new trend. It is always good to look at the share price over time to indicate the overall business performance.

China XiangtaiFood Co. Ltd. PLIN chart

PLIN chart shows prices rising from May to June. The price increased from $0.73 to $1.92. Shortly after, sellers came in with the RSI indicating overbought conditions. Prices are now at $1.39. Is this a pullback or a trend reversal? Can the recent momentum continue to the upside? Is PLIN a good candidate for your watchlist?





Which Reddit Stocks Did You Add To Your Watchlist?

When you are making a watchlist full of penny stocks from Reddit, it can often be challenging. With so many active stocks, it can be hard to keep track of it all. But if you constantly keep an eye on the news and understand which penny stocks are moving, it can give you a real edge on the markets.


There is no one better strategy than another, but having and sticking to a strategy will be in your favor. It is also good to note that trading off fundamentals, consistency, and discipline will get you a lot further than trading with emotions.


Taking it all into consideration, which best penny stocks Reddit made to your watchlist?


Are The Stocks A Buy?

Well, it does depend on your strategy. If it is the volatility, you are looking for, buying penny stocks found on Reddit could be a potential option. On the other hand, it may not be the best choice if you are looking to make short-term advancements throughout your portfolio.


When investing, it is important to know what kind of a trader you are, especially when it comes to penny stocks. For that reason, consider your portfolio goals which will arm you with benefits. So, the choice is yours. Are Reddit penny stocks worth buying?