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Our newsletter service is 100% free to join.  You will receive alerts straight to your inbox.  We only analyze stocks with the greatest potential growth.

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Stock Analyzers is run by professional traders covering micro-cap organizations.  We are dedicated to analyzing the best companies with the greatest growth potential.  We believe in providing value to our subscribers by picking winning companies.

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Here, at Stock Analyzers, we take the time to carefully analyze the micro-cap companies until we see the precise time for the opportunity to trade.  We always look for stocks with the maximum possible gains for our subscribers. The method we use as traders are proven to give you the highest profits the market has to offer time and time again.

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We like to bring your attention to the biggest gainers on a regular basis.  Covering the technicals as well as any news related stories.  We’re sure that after you subscribe for free and see the gains that we analyze in these stocks, you’ll be a member for life. Turn your trading and investments around today and see for yourself!

Our Services

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Stock Analyzers offers a complete PR service for public companies, to get their message heard and create brand awareness.  Our traders and investors are part of an educational and informative resource, where they can research and discover hidden penny stock gems for potential gains on a daily basis.

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Hottest Picks

An essential free service for traders and investors, to discover new opportunities for potential growth.  All stocks covered are $5 and under and analyzed for maximum gains.  View our detailed charts and company information brought to you daily.

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Todays Pick

For traders and investors, this is an essential service that indicates the best-analyzed stocks for the day, all trading for under $5.  Find your next opportunity from our detailed charts and company write-ups.  Offered as a free service to our valued subscribers.

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PR Service

Are you a public trading company?  Do you want to create more brand awareness and reach your potential investors or traders?  Discover how you can benefit from our range of services to get your company noticed fast.

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We are always available to answer all your questions and receive your feedback.  Feel free to contact us anytime.  Take a look at our FAQ section for the most frequently asked questions.


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We are always eager to answer your inquiries or feedback on our services.  Contact us anytime and we will answer your inquiry as soon as we can.

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Professional traders and chart technicians run Stock Analyzers.  We are dedicated to assisting you with your trading and investments for your ultimate gains in the penny stock market.  You will also find our resources page for quick links and market quotes.