Top Trader And Investor Resources


Stock Analyzers have put together some handy resources for traders and investors.  Stock Analyzers is not affiliated with any of these companies which are presented to you.  It is always advisable to do your own due diligence when selecting companies and platforms to work with.


TDAmeritrade;  Users can buy penny stocks here.  Offers a great charting platform with handy trading tools.

E-Trade; Users can buy penny stocks on this platform.  Its website is full of resources and information to new traders and investors.

Tradstation; Users can buy penny stocks.  Offers a wide range of tradable markets,  great charting platform with a wide range of indicators and strategy templates.


OTC Stocks;  offers a full list of all penny stocks, including data, fundamentals, and subscription plans.  End of day data and list of penny stocks are free to use.

TSX Stocks; list of stocks and end of day data is free to use.  Subscriptions are available to provide more information or data.

AIM Stocks;  all companies listed on the London AIM exchange.  Provides charts and useful company information which are free to use.


Tradingview;  This is a free platform that offers you indicators and chart data and can be used for free.  They have paid options available to you if you wish to upgrade at any time.

Finviz; Free charting platform for stocks and other tradable asset markets.  Great features include a free stock screener with detailed charts.  Users can upgrade to include real-time data on various timeframes.