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We offer very detailed and comprehensive analysis to our ever-growing list of dedicated subscribers.

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Stock analyzers Newsletter has been set up by professional Traders specializing in microcap stocks. We are not the usual penny picks alert service as we offer a comprehensive chart analysis to our subscribers daily. Our chart analysis covers various methods, including Elliott wave theory and several highly successful stock strategies.

We are a team of professional analysts and Traders for delivering penny stocks that show the greatest potential for growth and stability. We have developed numerous skills and strategies through our Trading years, which enable us to select excellent trading and investment opportunities in micro markets. We choose to focus our attention on the OTC market because it is challenging and ever-changing. It gives us and our subscribers unique opportunities when all of these companies are trading at $5 or less, which can have explosive gains. This is the number one reason why we focus our attention on these companies and give our subscribers the opportunity to learn on our website.

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We are dedicated to offering exceptional services to our subscribers and public companies.


We devote our time and efforts to informing Traders and investors on unique companies trading on the OTC BB markets as we find that there can be many profitable percentage changes in these markets. We continue to improve our own understanding of these dynamic markets while continuing to inform our readers about buying penny stocks.


stock analyzers have our Press releases featured on financial networks throughout the world as one of the best penny stock alert services on the internet. We always provide excellent customer care when dealing with our subscribers and public companies. So if you haven’t yet subscribed or used our services, be prepared for some explosive gains and stay ahead of the competition, which will inform you of potential penny stock gems.


We run an absolutely free service to our subscribers who are looking for an extra edge on the markets. Join our team for the most up-to-date hottest penny stocks and receive our penny stock alerts as they happen.