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What are penny stocks?

Penny stocks are over-the-counter stocks that are priced at 5$ or under.  They can be extremely volatile to trade, and you should always use your due diligence when trading them.

How to buy penny stocks?

It is advisable to sign up to Online brokerage firms such as Scottrade, E-Trade, and Speedtrader who will allow you to purchase penny stocks through their platforms.

Buying penny stocks and why this will benefit you?

Trading or investing in Penny Stocks of companies priced below $5 or under can offer securities with big growth potential. It can payout premium returns to traders or investors who buy before the price rises.  It is found that these small companies can offer massive gains and tremendous opportunities.

trading penny stocks

When trading penny stocks or any stock it is always essential to do your own due diligence.  Trading any asset can be risky as you can lose more than your initial investment. 

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otcbb list of stock

For the full list of otcbb stocks and end of day, data click here

What is a pink sheet stock?

Pink sheets are smaller companies.  They’re traded on the over-the-counter (OTC) markets.  They are the most volatile stocks to trade and can surge at any given moment.  That is why they are perceived as risky to trade.  When traded with research and education you can find real gems.

What is Elliott wave theory?

Elliott wave theory is a discipline and technical analysis method which is based on price action, crowd psychology taking historical data and projecting it out to the future.  When its rules and guidelines are followed directly it can be a powerful trading tool in finding the best entries and exits.