Quantum Glass Battery Stocks

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Traders are always looking for new ideas and strategies, and we believe you should give quantum glass battery stocks a closer look; we have selected the top six best-performing stocks in this sector to watch.


When you have a variety of quantum glass battery stocks to choose from, you ask yourself, what is the best one to trade? It depends on your trading strategy and risk tolerance. So, whether you want to trade TSLA, a top-performing stock, with innovative strategies changing the way we drive cars, or ALB, with 21% of global lithium production, demonstrating increased dividend yields every year by 635%. So, we did a little research to make your choice easier with these top-performing sector stocks.



  • Quantum glass batteries are referred to as glass batteries essential for electric vehicles, solving some of the most common problems and making them more mainstream.
  • Tesla, currently working on their million-mile battery that will be an industry changer, making it more affordable and accessible to the public.
  • Samsung, working on solid-state batteries, allowing electric vehicles to travel up to 500 miles on just one charge.
  • Panasonic, which is currently supplying Tesla until 2022, investors will gain exposure to this growing industry at bargain prices.
  • Albemarle is a world leader in lithium mining. The company forecast that lithium demand will increase by 25% every year right up to 2030.
  • QuantumScape, making its breakthrough in battery technology. QS is a major player in the electric vehicle market. With The industry growing to 40% only last month.
  • Kensington Capital, the company, intends to enter the electric vehicle market through its current deal with Volkswagen.
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What Are Quantum Glass Batteries?

They are often referred to as glass batteries, representing the frontier of electric vehicles. It is said that glass batteries are expected to solve some of the most common problems, keeping electric vehicles from being accessible by the general public. They aim to solve the problem of limited battery life and slow charging times. There are several quantum glass battery stocks for investors to choose from.


John Goodenough invented the glass battery, a Nobel prize winner who attended Texas University at Austin. His dedication to the development of the lithium-ion battery, which is widely used in electric vehicles currently. But it is believed that glass batteries are believed to be more efficient and last longer than lithium-ion batteries. Now that we understand what quantum glass batteries are.  We will now look at some of the top-performing Quantum glass Battery Stocks that are set to surge.

Quantum Glass Battery Stocks To Watch


Tesla is the top-performing electric vehicle manufacturer, currently working on the million mile battery. They are exploring various technologies to solve the most common battery life issues.


This September, Tesla will hold a battery day, demonstrating how it plans to make the battery and how this will be industry-changing.


They will solve the most common battery life issues that will bring the cost of electric cars down to under $100, making them less expensive to run compared to conventional cars.


Samsung (SSNLF)

Another exceptional leader in quantum glass battery stocks is Samsung. The giant of electronics is currently working on solid-state batteries to allow electric vehicles to travel up to 500 miles on one charge. Its cycle life features over 1,000 charges.


Samsung’s technology is more effective than the liquid approach, delivering 10x the energy density than the common lithium-ion batteries. The company will not be taking in their massive returns just yet; it will occur when their large-scale integrated products and application processors are complete.


SSNLF is a market leader in most of its sectors. During its third quarter sales increased by 52%. Looking into the future, the company expects a slow fourth quarter due to the weaker memory backdrop. The long-term plans for the company remain unchanged, and the company has much to gain in the long run.


Panasonic (PCRFY)

Investors trading quantum glass battery stocks will want to keep an eye on Panasonic, a multinational leader in electronics. The company has five main business categories: appliances, life solutions, connected solutions, automotive, and industrial.


During the last year, Tesla entered into a deal with Panasonic regarding the manufacturing and supply of lithium-ion battery cells. Currently, Panasonic will supply the electric vehicle maker until 2022 and will be its major supplier. Tesla is planning to build the next generation million-mile electric car battery.


Panasonic is also collaborating with Toyota to develop new generation batteries that electric vehicles will use. Their joint venture will work on the batteries to sell to major automakers.


Panasonic’s battery segment will continue to grow, so investing in this company will leave you resting easily. The company is so well diversified it will keep you happy. At 0.05 price sales, you will gain exposure at a bargain in this high-growth sector.


Albemarle (ALB)

If you are planning to trade quantum glass battery stocks, Albemarle will not disappoint. It is a world leader in lithium mining, with 21% global lithium production throughout Chile and Nevada.


Lithium is a key component in lithium-ion batteries, powering electric vehicles. Even with the development of glass batteries, lithium-ion batteries will continue to be valuable. The demand for lithium is increasing, and prices for the commodity are increasing, meaning that Albemarle stock prices are likely to follow suit.


Most investors will know that most commodity stocks can experience extreme movements. ALB has increased from the low of $42.00 per share to $140,78 per share during the past five years. Currently, ALB is trading at $87 after fluctuating to $52.70 earlier this year.


If you are a patient investor, you may be rewarded, as the company forecasts that the lithium demand will increase by 25% each year, right up to 2030 as more and more automotive companies develop electric vehicles. Also, the company announced a 39 cent per share dividend, an annualized dividend of $1.54.


ALB has increased its dividend for the past 16 years, making an increase of 635%. Analysts currently cover the company with five ratings as a buy, 12 rates it as a hold, and three rates it as a sell.


QuantumScape (QS)

The company recently announced its breakthrough in battery technology, making QuantumScape one of the top players in the electric vehicle industry, which grew by 40% last month.


The company revealed its solid-state battery tests, revealing that it solves most of the current problems associated with most solid-state batteries. The results show that it can retain 80% of its capacity after 800 cycles and be charged in 15 minutes.


The primary goal for the company is to make electric vehicles more accessible to the public. Using its technology aims to maintain a market share of lithium-ion batteries by offering a more efficient alternative car to automotive companies.


Although this company is one of the riskiest on the list, it comes with heavy hitters. The acquisition with Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp made its share price go parabolic. QS plunged to 41% earlier this year, with investors assuming that the company was selling shares due to its recent surge, which would ultimately dilute the shareholders. QS does not make any arguments against the overvaluation.

Tesla’s PE ratio at 208.22 means that when you are buying QS, you are buying it because it’s a multi-bagger.



Kensington Capital (KCAC)

This is the last stock on our list of quantum glass battery stocks, but we believe it is one to watch. Kensington is a purposefully built acquisition company, a shell company designed to take companies public without going through the traditional IPO scenario.


Companies like this have become more popular over the year. Proceeds generated already from IPO’s are roughly $40 billion compared to 2019, where the proceeds were only $13.6 billion.


KCAC plans to target the electric vehicle industry through its current deal through Volkswagen; it is also being backed through QuantumScape.


Volkswagen plans to use the company for its electric vehicle needs. It is a market leader in the fastest-growing market for electric vehicles, and that should be enough reason to be bullish.


Investors should be patient with this stock. All the parties involved have said they have the funds to back the operation, but the main issues are cost-effectiveness and managing the demand. The company is an experimental technology; the company will resolve the issues in due time.  So, for now, you will have to believe in the concept.


Investors have a lot of options when it comes to trading quantum glass battery stocks. The quantum glass batteries are likely to solve the most common issues in electric vehicles to make them more mainstream. The electric vehicle market must meet the growing demand by supplying innovative and cost-efficient alternatives to conventional cars.


We looked at the seven best top-performing quantum glass battery stocks that are set to achieve their market share, delivering sustainable and practical solutions for electric vehicles. Some of the stocks you will already know, and a few joined the race to become major players in this growing marketplace.


It is estimated that lithium demand will increase by 25% every year right up to 2030 due to increased demand for electric vehicles.

Most of the companies on the list we have discussed have entered into major mergers with the top market leaders in the industry, so when buying some of these stocks, you will gain exposure in this high-growth sector.