Are You Building A List Of Penny Stocks? 4 Hot Penny Stocks Reddit To Watch In 2021


4 Penny Stocks Reddit That Are Industry Movers For 2021


Bullish Trending Penny Stocks Reddit That Continue To Grow In 2021


Recent market pullbacks on countless penny stocks hit the reset button. Many of these penny stocks Reddit were the trending names associated with fear of missing out across most social media platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. There were countless groups of stocks in hot sectors, like the electric vehicle stocks, pharma stocks, and many more.


Over the last year and moving into 2021, the sentiment was mainly bullish for most of the trending penny stocks Reddit. The electric vehicle stocks and green energy stocks triggered an uptrend in all related stocks.


Indeed, many of these companies were once trading as penny stocks, including Nio (NYSE: NIO). Traders ultimately scrambled to find the next big mover or a similar name to buy.


During the dip last week, many of these big names on Reddit consolidated back to technical levels like the 50-day or 200-day moving averages. Recently, the markets are monitoring the situation closely to discover if these moving averages will hold as the new support levels. Or is a future sell-off in store? Time will ultimately tell, but the momentum witnessed in most of the penny stock Reddit continues to build in most sectors, including electric vehicle stocks, since the beginning of the year. Many of these companies are now grabbing trader’s attention.


Penny Stocks Reddit Take Centre Stage For 2021

Indeed, the EV sector is still very new. So, understandably, the markets are ultimately attracted to companies displaying their early stages of expansion, emphasizing electric vehicle needs for the future. Companies like Tesla are leading the way, and momentum is building across various sectors, mostly on Reddit and Webull. With all these things in mind, check out these 4 penny stocks Reddit on the move for 2021, and all under $3.



Artificial Intelligent technology solutions Inc. (OTCMKTS: AITX)

Artificial Intelligent technology solutions are an innovator in delivering artificial intelligence-based solutions, empowering organizations to gain new insight or face challenges.


Through its robotic product offerings, AITX helps companies to streamline operations, increase ROI, and reduce costs. The solutions offered by AITX are suitable for major industries including, government, enterprises, transportation, and many more.


Recently, Artificial Intelligent released its quarterly report and reported a revenue increase of 758%. It was a pivotal growth period for the company, with significant progress being made throughout the company.

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The company will continue to execute its strategies, ultimately putting the company and its subsidiary in a very strong position.

Looking ahead for the company, it believes that 2022 will be off to a phenomenal start. Ultimately the company’s revenue increase represents the delivery of remarkable solutions to demanding clients. The momentum the company is experiencing and new solutions in the pipeline pave the way for an incredible year.


Additionally, the company released a new component called RADCore. The component will ultimately streamline the company’s AI analytics, response, and navigations technologies and produce significant savings for the company.


The company will integrate the new compute platform into mobile robot solutions and stationary solutions. This entirely new platform will enable the company to progress towards a transformational change in the $50 billion US security market.

penny stocks reddit. Artificial Intelligent technology solutions inc . AITX chart

Looking at the chart of AITX, we can see prices decline from February until April. Recently, prices have been trading sideways since April, with no bulls nor bears taking control. Right now, AITX is trading at $0.052, and the question is, will the bulls take control to push prices higher, or will the bears ultimately push prices lower? Is AITX on your watchlist, and is it worth more research?




Soligenix (NASDAQ:SNGX)

Soligenix is a late-stage pharmaceutical company. They are focused on commercializing and developing products for the treatment of rare diseases. Their leading product is HyBryte, a novel photodynamic therapy for treating cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Soligenix already has completed a phase 3 study, with regulatory approval in the pipeline.


The company also has an active development program for CiVax, a toxin candidate for the prevention of Covid-19. Soligenix also has several other components and programs in the pipeline.


Recently, Soligenix received a waiver from the European Medicine Agency, which has successfully concluded a phase 3 to treat early-stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.


It is a major achievement for Soligenix and indeed an important milestone. The company will move forward with marketing applications globally. The waiver allows them to work towards a marketing authorization application, ultimately saving time and costs. The company is a step closer for HyBryte to be commercialized and marketed throughout the US and Globally.


Additionally, Soligenix had HyBryte conditionally accepted by the FDA with positive news from the UK and Japan.


Soligenix has approximately $30 million in Cash and non-diluting government funding. The company believes that it will have sufficient capital to achieve its goals as it further advances into the rare disease pipeline. The company estimates $90 million for annual sales, with a projected 10-year forecast totaling $700 million.

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penny stocks reddit. Soligenix. SNGX chart

SNGX chart shows a huge gap down in December when prices dropped from $2.80 to $1.20. Prices then continued downwards, with sellers pushing prices to $0.80 from February to May. Right now, prices are trading at $0.99 with low volume. The question is will we see momentum in this stock in the coming months, or will prices continue to decline? Did SNGX make it onto your watchlist?




Aqua Metals Inc. (NASDAQ: AQMS)

Aqua Metals is reinventing metal recycling through its patented AquaRefining technology. The innovative technology is a water-based process emitting less pollution.


Aqua Metals also offer equipment supply, licensing across the globe, and numerous services.


ACME Metal Enterprises have agreed to deploy and license AquaRefining equipment at its facilities. Aqua Metals are pleased that ACME will become a licensee and partner. It is a great opportunity to establish AquaRefining as a proven green method for recycling in a fast and growing market.


Aqua Metals intellectual property will now strengthen as well as the ability to offer its clients novel technologies. It also puts the company in a good position to expand its business relationships with the large battery manufacturers and ultimately being established as a green tech recycler.

Recently Aqua metals stock option moves were somewhat volatile.


Implied volatility indicates the future movements and determines that the price will have big moves in either direction or an important event on the horizon. Either way, there is significant interest in this company.


Indeed, options traders are pricing in a big move for the company, which is currently a HOLD in Zacks Rank, with an industry rank of 49%.

The huge volatility could mean that there is a trade in development. It is often the case that options traders will look for high levels of volatility in options to sell premium.

penny stocks reddit. Aqua Metals Inc. AQMS chart

AQMS prices declined from $8 to $2.30 at the start of the year. Recently, prices have been trading between $3.80 to $2.37, with prices resting on $2.37 right now. Will we see prices surge again as we saw in December 2020, or will price decline? Did AQMS make it onto your watchlist, and is this stock worth some further research?



Cognetivity Neurosciences (OTCMKTS:CGNSF)

Cognetivity Neurosciences is a technology company that uses a cognitive testing platform that is used in medical, consumer environments, and commercial environments. Cognetivity uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect early signs of impairments to treat brain diseases. Cognetivity has already achieved approval for its uses in the UK and throughout Europe.

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Currently, it is awaiting approval in North America and globally.

Recently Cognetivity has integrated Cognitive Assessment to form a highly innovative clinic in the UK national health Service for the early-stage diagnosis of Dementia.


The clinic is an exhilarating prospect for Cognetivity enabling dementia diagnosis and care. Their inclusion into the UK’s premier health service will provide a bright future for dementia medicine and care with their groundbreaking new clinic.


Additionally, Cognetivity released a new paper on its integrated Cognitive Assessment in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Frontiers in Psychiatry. The paper provides evidence as a cognitive biomarker to detect and monitor patients with mild cognitive impairments.


Cognetivity believes that the paper shows exciting potential with enhanced performance over time, enabling personalized medicine. The paper will ultimately give clinicians full confidence in the innovative platform and supports improvements and performance.

Cognetivity Neurosciences . CGNSF chart

Overall, the performance of CGNSF has been good, with prices increasing from $0.20 to $1.10. Prices have been rising since late last year, with the bulls ultimately driving prices upwards. Recent trading prices are $0.79 and appear to be pausing. The question is, is recent price action a pullback, or is a further decline in store? Traders wait for momentum to join the trend. Did CGNSF make it onto your watchlist?





When building a watchlist it can be a challenge for many traders. There are hundreds of stocks on the move daily. Using social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter can be of great advantage when filtering your list of stocks to watch. But what stocks show the greatest growth potential?


Penny stocks Reddit can be an excellent way of finding trending stocks and sectors to watch. However, it is worth noting that these stocks can be volatile, especially the penny stocks.


For traders who want to have a more objective view, it is crucial to choose penny stocks with good fundamentals, patterns, and real growth potential. Reddit can be an excellent platform to get you started, and the research and tools used for your watchlist could be your greatest asset.

With all this in mind, which penny stocks Reddit are you watching in 2021?