Are You Watching These 4 Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood?


Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood Are Taking The Spotlight In 2021

Are you looking for Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood to buy now? Then you are more than likely to be searching for these penny stocks now. There are hundreds of Psychedelic names to choose from, and most of them are under $5.


There are a few exceptions, like Compass Pathways (CMPS). You will find if you are looking for stocks over $5 that your choices might be somewhat limited. These mushroom stocks are like the early days of marijuana stocks and are still on the fringe testing the waters.


It is a fact that we have continued to follow this trend, and the similarities to marijuana stocks are unmistakable. The trends are relevant to the given stock and focus on the Psychedelic names out there right now. According to the heavy media during that time, if you think back to the early days of marijuana stocks, you would have believed that they would never make it. The primary focus during that time was the aspect of biotechnology cannabis.


We can now see that recreational weed is mainstream and is talked about like buying beers or wine throughout many states in the U.S.



Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood Hot Stocks To Watch

Are we likely to see all sorts of Psychedelic products on the supermarket shelves soon? Probably not, but with psychedelic-assisted therapy and microdosing now becoming mainstream. Several companies are gaining popularity and following. It is mainly due to who is backing them, Like MindMed (NASDAQ: MNMD), which has been discussed many times in financial newsletters from the days when it was an IPO.


With people like Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, and Canopy Growth, Bruce Linton, MindMed has gained recognition and popularity. But MindMed is not alone, and there are plenty more coming into play. Psychedelic Stocks with IPOs in the works will ultimately boost more interest in the sector. But if you are looking for Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood, the selection can be limiting.


The vast majority of these stocks are found on foreign exchanges and the U.S OTC markets.


Indeed, the first movers in this industry could pave the way for future names. But just like the Cannabis stocks, only some will hold true value and growth possibilities. Right now, there is a lot of speculation going around about many of these Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood. But it will not hurt to keep tabs on what’s going on in the marketplace right now so that you can become a part of another major market in Psychedelics.

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With all this in mind, what Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood are you watching right now?



COMPASS Pathways (Nasdaq: CMPS)

Havn Life Sciences (CSE:HAVN)

Numinus Wellness (TSXV: NUMI)

Mydecine Innovations Group (OTC:MYCOF)



COMPASS Pathways (Nasdaq: CMPS)

COMPASS Pathways is a mental healthcare company. Its main aim is to improve the lives of those suffering from mental health challenges. The company’s innovative development includes psilocybin therapy, a formulation administered to patients in conjunction with support. Currently, the company has sites across Europe and North America.

Recently COMPASS Pathways signed a deal with the NHS Trust and King’s College in London. This is great news for the company. It will speed up COMPASS Pathways work and research studies and give the company access to NHS patients for clinical trials.


COMPASS Pathways uses the substances in magic mushrooms to produce medication for people who have depression that cannot be treated with any other form of medication.


COMPASS Pathways recent fundraising has already netted the company $165 million, which the company plans to reinvest.


Additionally, COMPASS Pathways are a step closer to receiving FDA approval for psilocybin to treat depression.


The company’s clinical trial was one of the world’s largest studies using their proprietary psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. COMPASS Pathways will now wait for approval from the FDA.

Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood. COMPASS Pathways . CMPS chart

Overall, CMPS has been trading sideways throughout most of the year. Prices have been trading between $32 to $40. CMPS is currently trading at $35.01, with good volume. The question is, will buyers come in and push prices higher, or will price be pushed lower? Did CMPS make it onto your watchlist?




Havn Life Sciences (CSE:HAVN)

Havn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company that uses psychoactive compounds and develops natural health products. The company is also a pioneer in mental health treatment, supporting brain health, and enhancing the mind’s capabilities.


Recently Havn Life Sciences entered into an agreement with Allied health, an innovator of psychedelics and cannabis.


Ultimately this agreement is great for Havn Life Sciences who have been keen to grow their list of supply partners. The agreement supports their supply chain of psychedelic compounds. Havn Life Sciences also have plans underway for the Vancouver facility to be fully licensed and operational soon. The partnership is a tremendous revenue opportunity for the company.


Furthermore, Havn Life Sciences signed a new agreement with Cube Psytech. A biotechnology and biopharmaceutical company focused on natural medicines. They are also developing a line of psilocybin microdosing health products.


It is indeed another powerful supply partner for the company, as they continue to see growing demand for psilocybin products. Havn Life Sciences believe they are in an excellent position to meet the demands with the help of their innovative supply partners.

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Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood. Havn Life Sciences . HAVN chart

Looking at the HAVN chart, we can see prices declining from early this year till the present. Sellers pushed the price from $1.50 to $0.43. Prices are currently trading at $0.43, and the RSI is in oversold territory.

The question is will HAVN continue to decline, or will buyers step in to push prices higher? Did HAVN make it onto your watchlist, and is it worth more research in the coming months?




Numinus Wellness (TSXV: NUMI)

Numinus Wellness develops psychedelic-assisted therapies. They are helping people heal and keep well through their innovative mental health care to treat depression, anxiety, pain, and more.


Recently Numinus Wellness acquired the Neurology Centre of Toronto. The company plans to expand into a comprehensive neurology center specializing in psychedelics applications.


It is a great opportunity for Numinus Wellness. It combines its medical, clinical, and expertise. It is building its center of excellence in psychedelic neurology. Ultimately the center will transform many patients’ lives.


The acquisition will not only lead to Numinus Wellness expansion. It will offer revenue-generating services and leadership to put them at the forefront of psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Additionally, Numinus Wellness conducted a study to expand access to MDMA-assisted therapy for patients with PTSD. Health Canada has already issued its No Objection Letter, allowing the study to proceed.

Ultimately this is excellent news for Numinus, putting them a step closer towards, legal and regulated system for MDMA-assisted therapy. The company is focused on expanding its patient access to its psychedelic-assisted therapies. Numinus look forward to the integration of the treatment into mainstream mental health care.

Psychedelic Stocks Robinhood. Numinus Wellness . NUMI chart

NUMI has been trading between $0.60 to $1.20 for several months. The volume is fairly stable, and prices are currently trading at $1.05. Will we see more buyers stepping in, or will sellers push prices lower? Is NUMI on your watchlist?



Mydecine Innovations Group (OTC: MYCOF)

Mydecine Innovations is a biotech company developing and commercializing innovative solutions for mental health problems.

The company’s R&D pipeline is naturally sourced psychedelic-assisted therapeutics and novel compounds. Mydecine Innovations exclusive access to the full cGMP facility can import/export, cultivate and extract mushroom compounds with full government approval.


Recently, Mydecine announced that it had selected substance use disorder and smoking cessation as target indications for its innovative psychedelic molecule, MYCO-004.


Currently, there are over 19.7 million adults throughout America suffering from substance abuse disorders. The effects of this cost $750 billion in America alone. Mydecine’s drug pipeline addresses the unmet needs.

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Their innovative drug, MYCO – 004, improves safety and efficiency in clinical practice. The company will continue its leading approach to modify potent molecules, like psilocybin.


Additionally, Mydecine that its subsidiary Mindleap Health is launching the 2.0 version of its virtual health platform. The platform provides the adoption of psychedelics into broader categories, like mental health.


The platform will transform many people’s lives, with the main aim of bringing trustworthy support to people on their mental health journey and supporting life-changing healing practices. Users will connect with integration specialists with proven experience and training from psychedelic integration training programs.

Mydecine Innovations Group . MYCOF chart

Overall, MYCOF has been steadily increasing over the last few months. There are several gaps with buying pressure in July 2021 and volume spikes. MYCOF’s prices have been pushed from $0.20 to $0.47 from June until recently. Prices escalated in July, giving an overbought reading on the RSI, resulting in prices dipping to $0.39. Are buyers waiting to push the prices higher, or will sellers gain control and drive prices downwards? Did MYCOF make it onto your watchlist, and is this stock worth some further research?





It is possible to turn a profitable investment in psychedelic stocks Robinhood. Robinhood is a great way to research and discover the various mushroom stocks showing potential.


Although Robinhood is an excellent strategy to discover stocks, Investors should note that psychedelic stocks are not immune to risk. So, it is best to exercise your due diligence when trading them or researching them.


Psychedelic stocks are volatile and can fluctuate, both in the markets and the experimental drug industry. It is essential to vet every stock carefully you discover before investing.


If you are indeed new to trading, it is essential to have a critical look at your investment account daily, compare brokers and platforms, ensure you are getting the best deal and features in your account.


Taking all these things into consideration, which psychedelic stocks Robinhood are you watching right now?