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Throughout this edition, we will discuss a penny stock with potential otcmkts:admd (Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation), which is a medical device company developing treatments for tumors. This pioneering company has received FDA approval from the centre for veterinary medicine. There are strategic plans to treat skin cancer in humans.


Throughout this article, we will refer to the company with its previous ticker symbol (otcmkts:admd), providing up-to-date information, market data, news, and final thoughts.


Vivos Inc is primarily a radiation oncology medical device organization developing treatments for non-resectable tumors using a yttrium-90 based RadioGel device. An injectable gel to treat cancerous tumors found in humans animals. The company was known as Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation and, in December 2017, changed its name to Vivos Inc. The ticker symbol is (OTCQB: RDGL). The company was formed in 1994 and is based in Richland, Washington.

otcmkts:admd Vivos Inc Company Overview

This dynamic company has developed a Yttrium-90 based injectable brachytherapy device. They have two essential products to treat animals (IsoPet®) and humans (RadioGel™). Hydrogel technology is used to destroy cancerous tumors. The injection combats the tumor without the side effects usually characterized with external beam radiation therapy. This particular feature allows the safe delivery of higher doses for the treatment of cancers.


What is RadioGel?

The liquid contains tiny yttrium-90 phosphate particles that can be administered directly into the tumor.

The gel remains at room temperature to keep the radiation sources in place. It also localizes the dose directly to the treatment area to ensure that normal organs and tissues are not negatively affected.


The gel can deliver a staggering 90% of therapeutic radiation within ten days. Other treatments can require up to six weeks or possibly more to deliver an entire radiation therapy course.


RadioGel therapy can be administered as an outpatient procedure. The patient can go home without the concern of the radiation dose affecting family members.


What is IsoPet?

The company’s solution division used veterinary hospitals to demonstrate safety and therapeutic effectiveness in various animal cancers. The tests on feline sarcoma were completed in 2018, and tests completed canine soft tissue in 2019.


During 2018 otcmkts:admd obtained confirmation from the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine that IsoPet is a classified medical device that achieves its intended purpose. The product labeling was also reviewed, which include feline and canine sarcomas as the initial use. The company will seek additional approval from the FDA for veterinary devices. The company has generated revenue for the sale of IsoPet to private veterinary clinics and university hospital clinics.


The technology used in IsoPet is the same as RadioGel in treating humans. They advised the company on using different brand names to avoid any confusion or cross-use.

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otcmkts:admd Vivos Inc Stock Data

Vivos is currently trading at 0.1055 and has decreased by 4.955% at the time of this article. The company’s volume is 1,009,135 with a 52-week range of 0.0135 – 0.3100. There is no PE Ratio at this time.


There is no earnings date at this time, and it has a market capitalization of 24.761M. Vivos do not offer a dividend yield at this time.

otcmkts:admd Vivos Inc Stock News

All press releases have been gathered from the top news sites on the internet, with the main points being discussed in this article. You can view the full press releases by visiting this site for more information and research.


otcmkts:admd Could It Rebound?

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp shares increased by 17.89% and reaching $0.112 during after-hours trading. The stock has been trading in a 52-week range of $0.07 to $1.00.


The company’s total market cap is $2.36M at 20M shares outstanding.

In a previous press release, the company had announced being awarded by the Superior Court of the State of Washington and Benton County. For a total of $527,875,74 with an interest of 12% until it’s paid in full. This stems from the argument over application—leases of laboratory equipment and tenant approvals.


otcmkts:admd will actively pursue collection efforts, and they will utilize every avenue to collect on the judgment.


The outcome of the judgment should put the company back on track to outsource manufacturing, distribution, and sales and marketing efforts throughout the U.S. It will also enable the company to enter new licensing agreements internationally.


Ceo James Katzaroff commented. The company will look forward to presenting significant progress to its shareholders and investors, based on the recent filing of their 10K annual report. The company plans capital restructuring as well as targeting their regulatory and commercialization plans for the future. The company is pleased with the efforts and results in improving their balance sheet during the year.


Vivos Provides 2020 Recap Along With Its 2021 Objectives

CEO, Dr. Mike Korenko, commented that it is essential to review our progress throughout 2020 and provide our goals and objectives for 2021.

The company made significant progress in 2020, even during the pandemic. The company has listed the highlights for 2020.

IsoPet Therapy


  • IsoPet Therapy regional clinic, agreed by the University of Missouri.
  • 2 Universities are planning to initiate and demonstrate the treatment of solid tumors in horses. The company is optimistic that the treatments and initiatives will go live later in the year.
  • 18 States, including Canada, Vancouver, and Montreal, have expressed interest in IsoPet therapy for patients.
  • The company continues its Isopet Treatments at Vista Veterinary Hospital. The treatments were well tolerated, and patients experienced benefits.

RadioGel Human Therapy

  • The company will upgrade the quality management system to comply with strict FDA guidelines.
  • The company has initiated contracts for pre-clinical testing.
  • They are developing a solid working relationship at Mayo clinic with three doctors.
  • The FDA provided significant insights for the upcoming IDE submission. This feedback from the FDA will save time and focus on the content for the application and future clinical trials.


otcmkts:admd have also completed the certification for a second veterinary hospital for IsoPet therapy. To add to this, they have refined their clinical procedures to improve efficiency and treatment time.

The company achieved a clean balance sheet with no toxic debt or derivatives—secured common stock funding, essential to complete the pre-clinical testing for their IDE application.


The companies’ objectives moving into 2021 are to continue IsoPet therapies on early-stage cancers and enroll several other regional clinics. They will perform additional studies on animals to enhance their product to the veterinary community. They also plan to complete pre-clinical testing for their IDE application with a focus on additional animal therapy. After they have obtained their IDE, they will obtain Mayo Clinic’s authorization to perform further clinical trials.


Dr. Korenko continued that the company had made excellent progress and is pleased that it is in a stable financial structure.


The company will continue to operate responsibly for its shareholders and investors. otcmkts:admd are committed to achieving their plans and objectives.


The company has demonstrated that its primary products are safe therapies for patients and their families. They will continue to collect data to confirm efficiency.


At present, the company has the highest therapeutic ratio to any other brachytherapy device out there. The company’s primary focus will be to increase animal therapies, complete pre-clinical testing, and submit their IDE for clinical trials in humans.


Company Receives Feedback Form FDA On A breakthrough Request

The company has secured a breakthrough device from the FDA, a well-designed process that benefited Vivos and provides constructive feedback. The company can now target their approach to their IDE application based on the feedback we received.


It saves the company time and money and enables them to complete additional animal testing to prove the effectiveness of RadioGel compared to the other standards of care.


Dr. Mike Korenko commented that the animal testing would run parallel with the ongoing clinical testing. otcmkts:admd are on target for a summer Submission of their IDE for RadioGel.


otcmkts:admd Completes Surrogate Lymph Testing Using Mouse spleen

The company announced that they have been working with Mayo Clinic doctors to conduct tests into mice’s spleens using hydrogel. These tests’ main objective was to build on our previous injection procedures and confirm the confinement of gel in the nodes.


The actual results proved that the spleen injected hydrogel caused no leakage, a characteristic found in RadioGel.


Dr. Mike Korenko commented that the company is gaining vast experience with laboratory and animal validation models. To build a solid clinical foundation gaining the FDA’s confidence and the Mayo Clinic for future clinical trials. The company remains focused on securing its IDE from the FDA, estimated at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2021.

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Final Thoughts

Vivos Inc has been busy throughout the year pursuing its clinical trials. Their breakthrough products IsoPet and RadioGel, are proving to be the company’s main asset in treating cancerous tumors found in people and animals.


We were aware of the company’s previous lawsuit that they were awarded $527,875,74 with an interest of 12% until paid in full. The outcome of the case would put the company in an excellent position to outsource manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing for its critical products for the U.S and internationally.


The company’s 10K annual report filing gives shareholders and investors significant progress and growth potential throughout the year. The company was pleased to improve its balance sheet during that period.

otcmkts:admd had agreed that they had made significant progress throughout 2020, even during the pandemic, but the company is on track to tackle their objectives moving forward for 2021. They realized that they had made steady progress throughout the year and evolved into a stable financial structure. They demonstrated the efficiency of their essential products IsoPet and RadioGel. The company has the highest therapeutic ratio compared to other brachytherapy devices.


Early in January, the company secured a Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA. The FDA’s feedback considerably benefited Vivos and was not only cost-effective in aiding additional testing on animals to further demonstrate the beneficial therapy of RadioGel. When the company gets their IDE from the FDA, they could go global with their key products and capture a large marketplace sector. There is no doubt that the company is innovative and persistent in gaining approval for further clinical testing. They are on track for submission of the IDE for early summer 2021.


When otcmkts:admd conducted their tests on mice to build on their previous injection models. They obtained positive results which produced no leakage, which is their critical safety characteristic found in RadioGel. The company remains focused on securing their IDE from the FDA for additional trials, which they expect in the 2nd quarter of 2021.




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