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Throughout this addition of Stock Analyzers, we will be discussing otcmkts:bcci (Barista Coffee Company Inc). We will include market data, key company information, and press releases for our knowledge and research. So, let us discover more about this excellent penny stock with potential.


otcmkts:bcci is doing business as Baristas and operates as a drive-through retailer in the U.S. Barista Coffee Company, Inc offers hot and cold beverages which include, specialty coffee, blended tea, and various other drinks. It also provides a wide range of beverages, including smoothies, hot apple cider, frozen coffee, and more. They also offer pastries and various confectionaries throughout their stores. Furthermore, they actively promote their merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, and hats. In May 2020, it operated through 10 coffee stands throughout Seattle.


The company was formally known as Innovative Communications Inc and changed its name in 2010. The company was formed in 1996 and is now headquartered in Kent, Washington.

More about Baristas

Baristas is a popular national coffee company throughout the U.S. currently selling a wide range of coffee-related products. Its single-serve white coffee, which is compatible with Keurig brewing systems, is its bestselling product; they also sell CBD Infused Coffee under EnrichaRoast CBD brand’s brand name. The company gained mainstream exposure when it became a subject of “Grounded In Seattle”, a unique feature airing across some of the largest networks and media providers.

Baristas have recently focused much of their attention on its wholesale and direct consumer brewing systems, including White Coffee and Espresso blend, single-serve pods compatible with the Keurig brewing systems. The products have become top sellers nationwide.


The company develops and markets coffee-related products and is partnered with Amazon. One of the most valuable retailers in the U.S., Amazon currently offers its white coffee single serve cups for the Keurig brewing systems now available through Amazon Prime. White coffee is a rarity and developed using a slow and low heat roast; it contains a higher caffeine level. It delivers a higher taste than more traditional coffees.

otcmkts:bcci Baristas Share Price

Let us look at some of the data of otcmkts:bcci to get a more overall profile of this company and possible direction.


The company is currently trading at 0.0378 and is down by 0.5263% at the time of this write-up. We can see the previous close at 0.0380 and the days range between 0.0341 – 0.0380, and its current volume is 1,109,437.


The company’s PE Ratio is not available now, and its earning date has yet to be announced. The company does not offer a dividend yield at this time. Its total market capitalization is 991,059.

Baristas Coffee News

We have gathered some of the most dynamic press releases from financial platforms to discover some of the company’s highlights recently, allowing us to move forward when analyzing this active penny stock.



otcmkts:bcci, Baristas Munchie Magic Achieves Record Sales


Baristas Coffee Company Inc, Munchie Magic (OTC PINK:BCCI) (otcmkts:bcci) Has witnessed record sales through its sales of Alcoholic beverages on its menus throughout the states, permitting the delivery of alcohol. Currently, this is a trial basis for the company delivering beer and wine on a limited availability throughout Washington. Based on the company’s success, the company started delivering alcohol in Washington with pick-up partners who work through DoorDash.


Beverages for adults are now becoming a standard item on Munchie Magic Menus, but only throughout the states were currently permitted.

Barry Henthorn, the CEO, commented that it was extremely encouraging to witness record sales after launching their adult beverage deliveries. The company will expect to see a significant increase in its revenues as they expand their regions as they continue to operate alcohol deliveries through their pick-up partners.


At present, only 12 states allow for alcohol delivery, with 31 states accepting only beer and wine deliveries, and the other seven states do not accept shipments for alcohol. Munchie Magic customers will receive their products within 30 minutes, although this does depend on drivers’ availability and distance to travel. At present, customers can order through their APP (DoorDash), and they are currently looking for additional delivery partners to expand.


In the U.S, alcohol sales are approximately $240 billion a year, even though the consumption has been trending lower. If Munchie Magic can tap into that market of just 1%, they would be capturing a staggering $2.4 billion.

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otcmkts:bcci, Baristas Munchie Magic to Open in Tenth State, North Carolina

otcmkts:bcci is expanding into North Carolina and adding to over 50 states it currently operates in, delivering Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, hot foods, snacks, and legal beer and wine via their delivery partners DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub.


This is the latest and rapidly expanding Munchie Magic virtual restaurant service throughout North Carolina. North Carolina is mostly known for its universities and allows for the delivery of beer and wine, although it does not allow the delivery of hard alcohol.


Barry Henthorn, the CEO, commented that the company expects this to be one of its best performing locations due to its residents and many colleges throughout the area.


The ReelTime exclusive License for the Munchie Magic concept and virtual restaurants will take effect from Jan 2021. The license details are that Reeltime will receive a per transaction license fee of $.35 in terms of the agreement beginning on Jan 2021. The Munchie Magic Virtual restaurants are being created through a digital media partner ReelTime Media (OTC PINK:RLTR). This integration will collect data from the company’s delivery partners, including DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats. RealTime is redefining how companies evaluate and purchase their various digital media products.


About Reeltime Rentals Inc, ReelTime media (OTCPK:RLTR) is a public company based in Seattle. The company provides production and discount media purchasing. The company is actively redefining how compays’s evaluate and purchase their radio, tv, and various media. The company is also involved in producing and distributing virtual reality content. The company has production, editing, and distribution capabilities for all projects.


Currently, the company produces three series for the Gear VR platform and distributes them through various delivery portals. The company also licenses and develops virtual commerce technologies.



Baristas Munchie Magic To Start Hard Alcohol, Beer, and Wine Delivery

otcmkts:bcci has started to deliver hard alcohol, beer, and wine as standard items on their menus throughout the states, which permit alcohol delivery.


The delivery of beer and wine has been on a limited basis throughout Washington on the Munchie magic Menue via their delivery partner DoorDash on a trial basis. Based on its success, the company began delivering alcohol through its delivery partners. Where states permit alcohol deliveries, Munchie Magic will now deliver adult beverages, which is now a standard item on their menus.


The company realizes that there are very few competitors operating in the market. One of them is Drizly which Uber Eats purchased in Feb 2021 for approximately $1.1 Billion. Drizly only delivers alcohol and refreshments, but Munchie Magic customers have a fully available menu, including hot food, snacks, and ice cream.


Barry Henthorn, the CEO, commented. For some time, we have been working towards adding alcohol to the menus. Since last year, the company has already been delivering beer from its various locations, but the company wanted to be certain before applying it universally. Our ability to deliver alcohol has allowed us to open many new locations, and the company will target the areas that allow the delivery of alcohol first. This is indeed a milestone for the company and its customers.


Baristas Munchie Magic Will Open in Ninth State, Arkansas

otcmkts:bcci baristas Coffee Company Inc is expanding into Little Rock, Arkansas, which will add to its impressive fifty locations throughout The U.S. The company delivers a range of hot food, snacks, and ice cream through its delivery partners DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub.

The company’s virtual restaurant services will deliver hot foods, ice cream, and snacks through its delivery partners throughout Little Rock and its surrounding areas. Little Rock is the most populated city in Arkansas.


Barry Henthorn, the CEO, commented. The company has been successful in its partnerships with established pick-up partners. Delivery is a vital element throughout the industry as the company continues to refine its menus to meet customer demands.


Baristas Munchie Magic Will Open in Eighth State, Ohio

otcmkts:bcci announces its expansion into Youngstown, Ohio, which adds to more than its 50 locations throughout The U.S. Who delivers a range of foods, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, through their delivery partners.

The ever-expanding Munchie Magic virtual restaurant service through its delivery partners will operate throughout Youngstown and surrounding areas.


Barry Henthorn, the CEO, commented. The company is thrilled to bring Munchie Magic to Ohio and believes that the Youngstown store is a strategic location. Furthermore, we are encouraged by the inquiries we have received from quality partners seeking to join our team.


Ben & jerry’s mainly manufactures ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. It is an American company founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont. The company sold to conglomerate Unilever, today it operates on a global scale and fully owned Unilever’s subsidiary. The company is headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, and has a leading factory in Waterbury, Vermont.


Baristas Munchie Magic Will Open in Seventh State N.J.

otcmkts:bcci Baristas Coffee Company adds to its impressive line-up of over 50 states and expanding into New Jersey. The company delivers a range of quality beverages and foods through its delivery partners.

The rapidly expanding Munchie Magic virtual restaurants expect to open during the week, but adverse weather conditions may cause a delay.


Barry Henthorn, CEO, Commented. As Munchie Magic continues to expand that New Jersey will be an essential presence. He expects to be adding various locations throughout New Jersey when the storm passes.


Baristas Munchie Magic Expands to the East Coast

otcmkts:bcci is expanding into Massachusetts, which adds to more than 50 locations throughout the U.S. It is delivering foods and beverages through its delivery partners. Munchie Magic Virtual Restaurants service will offer its deliveries through its delivery partners throughout MA and serve regions in south Boston and surrounding areas.


Barry Henthorn, the CEO, commented. The success of the west coast locations has made it possible for us to expand to the east coast and indeed the U.S. The company’s plans are targeted, and he believes that this first east coast location will give them a strong base on which they can build.




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