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All American Gold Corp, AAGC, is a precious metal exploration mining company that acquires and explores mineral properties throughout the United States and focuses its operations on the development of mineral resource properties in addition to acquisition and exploration.

The company was originally called Osprey Ventures, Inc. and in October 2010 the name was changed to All American Gold Corp. All American Gold Corp. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

About AAGC

The company has holdings throughout the state of Nevada, and diversifies investments, while making use of the latest technologies and geological resources, selecting properties in all the most promising mineral zones, All American Gold Corp. aims to continue to seek new opportunities, using its experienced and geologically proven team.


American Gold Corp. has not generated revenues as a result of its operations, several projects that this company develops are known as is the case of the Bell Flats, and others such as the Belleville project and Goldfield West.


American Gold Corp AAGC’s Bell Flats Project is composed of 14 unpatented mining claims, specifically located in a mining district in Churchill County, Nevada, comprised of 114 hectares in its entirety, located about 8 kilometers north of Gabbs, and about 40 kilometers north of mine known as Paradise Peak.


On the other hand, AAGC’s Belleville project is located at an equal distance from Tonopah in Nevada and Hawthorne in California, American Gold Corp AAGC has announced that drilling has started on the Belleville project.


These activities consist of a program for scheduled work on this Belleville property, which is located in Mineral County, Nevada, and the project is within the limits of the Walker Lane structural and mineral belt, in the vicinity of the most recent and historic producing mines.


The Candelaria silver mines, which are located 10 miles to the east, and the Marietta mine, almost 10 miles to the west, are also included in this project, where the second phase drill programs, which have been created through revisions of a technical report marked 43 101 and which is being conducted within the Belleville property, will be developed on a reverse circulation drilling basis.


Drilling has been estimated to average about 180 meters in-depth, up to a total of up to 732 meters, what is being pursued is an IP trending east northeast, an anomaly that is produced down sand, when the wind blows it away.


Goldfield West is another property of the Company, which is being explored and has 105 unpatented mining claims over 850.


All American Gold Corp. is registered under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and has been incorporated in the state of Wyoming and is an active participant in the stock market. All American Gold Corp. is principally engaged in the business of gold and silver minerals, with respect to its financial reporting, fiscal years ending each May 31.


AAGC specific address is 1620 Central Avenue, Suite 202 in Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 and for communications can be by phone at 888 755 9766 or by email at www.allamericangoldcorp.com or info@allamericangoldcorp.com.

AAGC Stock Price

Currently, an AAGC stock has a market value that is in the range of $0.0010, the outstanding shares reach prices that oscillate daily between $0.0009 in the morning hours and $0.0014 in the afternoon hours.


Among other technical indicators, the AAGC stock’s closing price has been at $0.0010, with volumes of 15,648,373 with volume averages of 11,804,944, the AAGC stock had a 52-week range of $0.0001 to $0.0024, and a day range of $0.0008 to $0.0013, the AAGC stock’s current P/E ratio is documented as N/A, and earnings per Share $ -0.0010.


Revised balance sheets with respect to AAGC stock pursuant to disclosure reports for the quarters ended May 31, 2018, through May 31, 2019, and May 31, 2020, as well as for the periods ended August 31, 2019, November 30, 2019, and that of February 29, 2020, together with that of August 31, 2020, and according to OTC markets group for December 2020, complying with the relevant provisions and the OTC markets Group Guidelines all necessary information from the AAGC stock to show current information according to reality.


The stock quotes information from the brokers allow this issuer to make stock picking to publish the quotation of these Securities according to the Stock Exchange Act in the world markets,


According to this information, the dividend stocks coincide with the number of shares issued in the corporate records of this company and as of August 31, 2020, the number of outstanding shares of the AAGC common stock amounted to 1,469,409,932 and as of May 31 of the same year, the number of outstanding shares of the Common Stock was 1,469,409,932.


For the month of May 2019, the number of outstanding shares of AAGC common stock reached 1,469,409,932.

News from AAGC and its AAGC stock

All American Gold Corp made in 2012 Belleville Updates


OTCBB All American Gold Corp executed upgrades at its Belleville project, this is a scheduled drilling program held by AAGC in the state of Nevada.


Surprisingly thick alluvium was encountered. Upon encountering an unexpectedly thick, gravelly alluvium in late 2011, the company’s action was to hire experts in drilling over the muddy, reverse-circulating ground to efficiently monitor drilling for the IP target.


In January 2012, specialized equipment was brought in to facilitate the placement of casing through the gravel pack, and the company then made further drilling attempts on the IP target, attempting to drill a mud rotary well.

Many problems were encountered, but in the end, 28 meters of casing could be installed, and then a tri-cone bit was used to enlarge the drill hole, thus avoiding the excessive and loud vibration caused by the hammer but in such cases.


At first, this process worked up to 60 meters, but at this distance, the gravel remained in the hole, and the problem again was sinking, and to avoid the risk of losing the whole string in the drilling, it was abandoned 71 meters down the hole.


The deepest drill hole drilled at Belleville was logged and sent for geochemical analysis to determine the existence of alluvial gold, the results of which were received, and anomalous gold was detected in the range of 0.04 to 0.08 g/t and from 20 meters to 21 meters, 58 to 61 meters and 69 to 70 meters.


Despite the anomalous values, these values are below values that could be considered grade mineralization.

AAGC is not considering further work at this IP target at this time, as the alluvium has characteristics of unstable nature, however studies on additional drilling methods will be further investigated to consider whether to continue with further testing.


All American Gold has planned a review of the other targets on this property for future exploration that could be carried out by its technical teams.


All American Gold Corp.’s percentage interest in the Belleville property is 70% of the total Belleville property.


All American Gold is working in conjunction with Metrix Skyline Solar


AAGC has made commitments to joint projects which will be carried out in conjunction with Metrix Skyline Solar.


According to a press release, the Company is engaged in a project with a company that operates renewable energy projects and promotes the use of non-fossil fuels, Metrix Skyline Solar, headquartered in Wyoming.

All American Gold Corporation as a precious mineral’s exploration company, which has been characterized in the acquisition and constant exploration of mining properties in the United States, has decided to begin with a diversification of its investments, extending its holdings throughout the state of Nevada.


Using the most advanced technology and geological resources to select the most promising properties in mineral zones, All American Gold Corp. intends to continue searching for new opportunities and alternatives with a proven geological team and vast experience, now partnering in three exploration properties for high-quality gold in Nevada, a state known for its great wealth in this coveted metal.


The Goldfield West property is a property where exploration is advancing on the defined targets for its location in this Goldfield district, which enjoys great fame, thanks to its minerals which reach bonanza grades of several ounces.


Another of All American Gold’s properties is Iowa Canyon in Lander County, Nevada, some 30 miles southeast of the Cortez Hills deposits, which has valuable resources that have been tested at 14.1 Moz.


A new joint venture agreement has been established whereby AAGC has acquired a 51 percent interest in Metrix Skyline Solar for one million shares of All American Gold Corp. preferred and restricted A shares.


It is in the process of establishing funding in the amount of $500,000.00 at the AAGC stock price of .005 for approximately 100 million shares of restricted common stock.


Metrix Skyline Solar has solar panel projects on 27 hectares in the Republic of Argentina and is looking to build a solar farm project that can generate between eight and twelve megawatts.


The company is working in partnership with OTC MARKETS and is confident that the emptor warning will be removed, and there will be no disruption to the business in any form.


The expectations that have been generated, urge the company to think about providing attractive new opportunities for shareholders, and the reason for this is this expansion into the solar energy market.


This alternative way of obtaining energy, represents expectations of great benefits in the immediate future, for the peculiarity in the care of the environment and other resources, with this also contributes to the welfare of global public health, and leaves a very important legacy with these projects.


The development of these solar farms is in execution worldwide, the benefit expected to be achieved is unprecedented, this energy is not only renewable, but it is also clean and affordable, that is why the project that has started in Argentina, is oriented and focused on the search for expanding markets such as Canada and California.


The Company has completed its joint venture with Metrix Skyline Solar in Argentina and is focusing its energies on finalizing a pending acquisition, obtaining information on the locations of the issuer’s main plants and other properties, as well as the status of these properties, verifying if the issuer does not own or have full control of these properties, as well as corroborating if they have other owners, or if there are mortgages or leases on these properties.


All American Gold Corp secures interest from Iowa Canyon


All American Gold Corp made public that after consideration and review of all geological data, as well as a record of past workings, the Company has signed an option agreement for an initial 15 percent interest in the Iowa Canyon property, located in Lander, Nevada.


For this 15 percent interest, AAGC will pay the consideration of $100,000, with payment of one-half of that amount having been made at the signing of the agreement, the Company has the additional option to acquire an additional 25 percent interest, for a total of 40 percent, with payment of $3,000,000 within 60 days prior to the year of execution of this agreement.


The property involved in this contract is located approximately 48 kilometers southeast of the Cortez Hills deposit and 32 kilometers from the Cove McCoy mines at the southern end of the Carico Lake Valley, is easily accessible by paved roads, gravel and dirt roads, and is comprised of 155 unpatented mining claims over an area of approximately 13 square kilometers.


The Company has made assessments on the 2020 Iowa Canyon project through an existing right of first refusal agreements that have expired.


Goldfield West Project


All American Gold Corp commenced drilling programs for the Goldfield West project located 6 km southwest of International Mineral’s Gemfield deposit and 7 km west of the Goldfield district, which is known to produce in excess of 4 million ounces of gold with average grade characteristics of >17 g/t Au. Drilling targeted structures that could contain very high-grade gold, quartz sulfide veins similar to those in the Goldfield district.


A total of 1,550 to 2,000 meters of RC drilling is planned at six drill sites located to the north and south of this property, towards the south target, geophysical surveys have already identified 800 meter long structures spanning almost all of the north to south.


Minor veins of alunite, quartz, pyrite, and gold values up to 1.45 g/t over 1.5 meters were identified.

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