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UPSN provides ultra-targeted, data-driven mobile advertising to attract the ideal audience for small and large brands.


Upsnap is a publicly-traded company, ticker symbol (CSE: UP). The company combines proprietary data and real-time analytics. The company goes beyond location to deliver result-driven campaigns and site agnostic, producing qualified leads. The company tailors each campaign to align with the unique business goals, delivering highly targeted customers for better results and great exposure.


UPSNAP Objectives

UPSN mainly aims to deliver superior results and engagement through personal mobile solutions. Throughout the last ten years, the company has built a proprietary analytics database through various channels and devices.


More than 350 million consumer profiles have been gathered, and using their database; they select the ideal audience for the brand. When the targeted audience has been defined, the company uses multi cross channels and devices to drive targeted results. The company’s proprietary profiling technology delivers your message to various mobile assets. Upsnap has over 100 billion impressions per month, always delivering the right audience and the right message for your organization.

2020 Financial Results

The company offers effective advertising solutions to businesses, and they are pleased to see incredible results for 2021. The company aims to grow its mobile advertising and direct mail business, even though 2020 was challenging, especially for small businesses. In 2020 many small businesses had to cut advertising costs due to lockdowns and restrictions. Despite the pandemic, the company is seeing a strong recovery in small businesses across the United States.

  • Operating revenue was $1.6 million for the twelve months leading up to December 31, 2020
  • Operating costs were $2.3 million for the twelve months leading to December 31, 2020
  • Cash flow from operations was $41,000 compared to $1,000 for the previous year in 2019

The company will appoint Rance Walls on the board of directors and believe he has extensive knowledge and experience throughout Europe and the United States. UPSN will look forward to leveraging his expertise to grow the business.


Extension Of Debenture Maturity

UPSN has amended the terms of the outstanding secured debenture, currently held by User Friendly Media, for the amount of $800,000 and will extend until September 30, 2021. The debenture will bear an interest of 13.5% annual rate and be paid to User Friendly Media bi-annually.


UPSN Partners With Guarantee Digital and Mountaineer Yellow Pages to Strengthen Market Presence

Upsnap has signed an agreement with Mountaineer Yellow Pages and Guarantee Digital to expand its presence to small and large businesses throughout the U.S. The partners will act as resellers of UPSN’s proprietary mobile advertising products, delivering to clients in 33 markets on a subscription basis. Clients will receive impressions across mobile advertising platforms, paying between $100 and $200 per month on a one- or two-year contract.


Upsnap has over 21 resellers throughout Canada and the U.S, selling UPSN’s solutions to over 100,000 clients. The company plan to expand their presence throughout the North American market throughout its partnerships. The company has already accumulated over 1200 subscription clients through these partnerships, currently growing by 200 new customers every month. The growth strategy has provided significant recurring revenue for Upsnap, and their reseller partners have contributed to the growth.


UPSN expects to become one of the significant leaders in mobile advertising throughout North America because of the pace of growth the company is experiencing throughout the small business market.

UPSN Changes to Board of Directors

The company has appointed Kristina Finch to replace Michael Inskip. Kristina is a Canadian Advertising And Marketing executive and has extensive experience in these fields. Kristina currently has experience within management positions in various companies including, MiQ Digital and Vertcalscope. Here approval is subject to the Canadian Securities Exchange.



The company is pleased to announce User Friendly Media, the leading provider of print, mobile and digital marketing services for small organizations, will become a reseller of international direct mail. User Friendly media will offer International Direct mail to existing customers, new brands, and agencies.


Upsnap is excited about introducing its technology and is pleased that User Friendly Media sees value in delivering this to the existing product lines. The mobile marketing industry is always looking for new innovative ways to grow conversion rates, and UPSN believes it has found the ideal solution leading to additional customer engagement.



The company has signed a contract with a Major U.S retailer to provide its mobile advertising products in A CAD 110,00 contract. The major appliance company sought an advertising platform, allowing them to target customers in the market seeing appliance repairs efficiently. The appliance company discovered that many of its consumers were using mobile devices to make their purchases, like purchasing new appliances. It was the logical choice for them to use an effective advertising channel, providing data, analytics, and spending patterns of the consumers.


Upsnap is pleased to announce the launch of the new International Direct Mail program, which is now available to customers. The platform offers advertisers and brands a new targeting tool, adding a new layer to Upsnap’s suite of products.


The International Direct Mail addition is a perfect fit with UPSN’s suite of products. Marketers use various tactics to drive traffic to their websites like SEO, Social media, and mobile advertising. Upsanp’s main aim is to amplify these efforts to drive conversions, with a piece of mail to follow up with consumers that will ultimately drive more sales.


Upsnap has signed and reseller agreement with Facebook, a global marketing partner. Tiger Pistol will start selling Facebook advertising to its customers. Tiger Pistol offers a scalable, data-driven social advertising platform that has been built to enable resellers to serve local and small business markets. UPSN is focused on bringing cost-effective Facebook advertising to small business clients, who have smaller marketing budgets.

The Bottom Line

UPSN delivers an effective and innovative advertising platform to businesses throughout Canada and the U.S. The company is excited about what they see for 2021 and will grow its mobile advertising and international Direct Mail strategies in the coming months.


Upsnap has granted 2,250,000 stock options to the company’s company directors pursuant to its stock option plan. Each option granted is exercisable for 5 years.


The debenture extension will be granted when UPSN satisfies the criteria set out in the various sections for the considered amendment.


Kristina Finch will be an excellent addition to Upsnap. The company is confident in her vast experience in the advertising and marketing industry to enable future growth.


UPSN’s introduction of their International Direct Mail added to their product suite through their partner User Friendly Media. Upsnap views this as an opportunity to grow its presence in the emerging marketplace, combining direct mail with digital targeting. User Friendly Media believes that it is a complementary and unique product, that will no doubt add significant value to their clients.


Through International Direct Mail, advertisers can leverage the dataset in the market that will identify non-converting prospects through website visits. It will also enable them to unify the visits from consumers across multiple platforms, to create a more targeted solution.


UPSN will aggressively combine its mobile display ad campaigns with Facebook retargeting, as a result of the new partnership. With the Facebook advertising tracking pixels, Upsnap can retarget the consumers who visit websites through mobile displays, this ultimately increases conversion rates.


The company will target and serve ads across phone and tablet devices. Customers will be exposed to ads while playing games, reading news, or similar activities. The company’s proprietary profile tool tracking the responses, enabling the client to optimize their campaigns and ultimately saving on ad costs.


UPSN will use the proceeds from the private placement for working capital purposes. The company intends to use the funds for those purposes, but they may allocate funds in circumstance due to sound business reasoning.


UPSN partners Mountaineer yellow Pages and Guarantee Digital believe that small businesses are challenged with technical expertise and resources to participate in mobile advertising. Usnap removes these challenges from local mobile advertising, enabling small businesses to participate in the effective media platform. Both partners are excited about offering the service to their consumers. The partners decided to partner with Upsnap to provide their clients an effective mobile solution with prices their clients can afford.


Upsnap will continue to target and serve ads via mobile platforms through phones and tablets. Meaning that customers will be exposed to ads will carrying out their daily activities online. Upsnap’s proprietary platform will gather responses and enable clients to optimize their campaigns more efficiently. Keeping the client’s costs to a minimum and providing a super targeted service.



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