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otcmkts:ocln OriginClear Inc. is a pink sheet listed company and mainly provides water treatment solutions. The company also has a global Electro Water Separation technology that will treat polluted waters and remove harmful toxins from drinking water using minimal materials, chemicals, and energy. The company is also involved in designing and manufacturing line water treatment systems for pure water applications. It offers a range of services including, retrofits, replacement assistance, and maintenance contracts. Also renting out equipment through contracts and provides prefabricated water transport and wastewater treatments. The company operates in the Middle East, Canada, Argentina, and the United States.


The company was previously known as OriginOil Inc and changed its name to OriginClear Inc in 2015. The company was formed in 2007 and is headquartered in McKinney, Texas.

An Overview Of OriginClear Inc (otcmkts:ocln)

Water is indeed the most precious resource. OriginClear mission was to provide high-quality products to improve water quality by delivering quality water to the end-user. In just one decade, the water services market has become a trillion-dollar industry, but they’re remains 80% of sewage that is never treated, with 35% of drinking water lost in transit. OriginClear mission is to provide funding and provide breakthrough technologies. Their movement is known as decentralized water treatment to help make clean water available to everyone.


A Water Company For the new Economy

The company leads a self-reliant water revolution, providing water investments by developing a marketplace that will connect investors with various water projects and provide breakthrough products aiding faster sanitation globally.


OriginClear provides treatment equipment installed onsite, providing capital improvement and long-lasting savings to its clients. Its onsite modular water systems provide its clients with water independence through their operational and ownership over the water quality, which will allow them to increase productivity and reducing environmental safety risks from pollution or corrosion.


The company’s modular water products don’t just balance performance and cost-effectiveness, enabling end-users to provide quality water. This allows customers high satisfaction and to improve sustainability for their properties.


OriginClear Inc products

The company sells and delivers a complete line of advanced water treatments and conveyance products, including purification systems, ultrafiltration, and disinfection.


Their line of modular water products and systems provide a self-reliant water revolution; they create infrastructure and are fully engineered, pre-packaged systems using sophisticated materials. These systems are available for onsite systems in commercial locations.


otcmkts:ocln has a history of innovation through its technologies division, which identifies leading-edge technologies to solve tough challenges. Their advanced technologies are at the center of its licensee network. OriginClear develops these products, and the licensee integrates them into their own products.


Through the company’s international licensee partnerships, their advanced technologies are being used to treat water problems in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States of America.


Opportunity In The Marketplace

The company’s growth story was positioned for the incredible upside potential of market opportunities because it was already operating successfully with very strong profit margins, increasing customer base, and acquisitions of products and services, which all contribute to the company’s success story.


Due to the market realizing that they could no longer rely on giant centralized water utilities to meet the various challenges. For this reason, more business users are carrying out their own water treatments and recycling. Either by choice or they have to, these businesses which invest in onsite water systems receive an asset for their business, which achieves greater water quality at a lower cost.


These businesses are not only helping their community; they are also building decentralized water wealth.


Professionally managed assets globally are worth $20 trillion, and it is a key factor of how well organizations manage water. For more information specifically include .


otcmkts:ocln is a prime enabler of water management for organizations who are responsible for what was once delegated by centralized utilities. When a company uses OriginClear treatment methods, it will reduce water use and nutrient footprints.


We will now look at some of the key data and earnings for otcmkts:ocln to further analyze this potential asset.

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OCLN Earnings And Market Data

In the III. Quarter OriginClear issued 37.65 million shares or 34.72% and did not pay out a common stock dividend. In the III. Quarter it’s earnings per share was $0.03 with revenues of $1 million.


OriginClear is currently trading at $0.090 with a daily range of 0.08 – 0.0999 and volume of 763,684; its 52-week range is 0.0192 – 0.37, with a daily range of 0.08 – 0.0999. Currently, its market capitalization is 4.56M.


We will now explore some of the exciting projects and press releases that the company has been involved in to build a clearer picture of its direction and potential growth.

OCLN Economic News

OriginClear Sponsors program To Finance Outsourced Water projects.

Customers will benefit from full-service contracts, which will reduce the need for capital.


otcmkts:ocln The water company for the future has announced that it agreed to acquire more assets to finance various water projects. Alfredo Guatto is in discussions with the company to finalize OriginClear’s intention to acquire the developer’s stock for stock transactions.


Alfredo Guatto stated that he is grateful for the leadership provided by Ivan Anz and strategic partner Philanthroinvestors® Inc and recently, Ivan Anz invested real estate assets with a stock transaction.


OriginClear plans to launch originClear finance, a wholly-owned subsidiary whose sole aim is to invest in water projects. The subsidiary is made up of the developers assets and others.


Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear CEO, stated that the water industry is currently looking for managed services for its future model. OriginClears intends to improve on Aquaventure (NYSE: WAAS) idea with the company’s unique mobile systems, which can reduce the need for elaborate credit qualifications, easily be repossessed, and also offering pre-financed systems to customers.


In 2020 otcmkts:ocln tested the concept with its company rental program, which allowed Ryan Kooistra to start up a new business despite the lack of business credit, to build creative financing along with an online learning platform and establishing it as Water As A Career™.


otcmkts:ocln To Acquire their first real estate asset to finance water projects


OriginClear announced that it has agreed to acquire its first real estate asset to finance various water projects. Ivan Anz (OriginClear Advisor) will personally invest real estate assets through an asset purchase agreement.


Ivan Anz will exchange properties that are valued at $630,00 for a package of stock warrants, along with a future option to invest in the company’s fund and commercial water equipment projects.


Philanthroinvestors achieved a ranking of number 83 in 2020, 5000 list with its real estate venture. Ivan Anz had commented that he was interested in OriginClear to achieve similar water success, now that he is a partner and advisor.


The company does caution that there is no guarantee that the acquisition will be completed or that the fund for the development of the water project will be funded. The company needs to finalize the valuation, complete the closing process, and seek the board of directors’ approval.


otcmkts:ocln Pool preserver can expand pool cleaning business


The company’s mobile purifying system purifies over-treated pools without water waste.


otcmkts:ocln has announced the commercial availability of the Pool Preserver™ , a trailer-based system that can aid the expansion of the pool cleaning business with no need to add skilled labor.


Tom Marchesello, the CEO, commented that pool professionals could connect the pool preserver during the morning and be free to work on repairs for their customers or other pool locations. As soon as the unit is operational, they can manage it remotely.


It can also shut itself down as soon as the pool reaches its predetermined level of cleanliness. You can even leave it overnight to take it to the next day’s customer.


Dwight Barber, an early customer of originClear Inc, commented that Pool Preserver could help build the business, as most people clean their own pools. The product enables me to get into their backyard to allow me to sell scheduled cleaning packages. When l am there, l can carry out repairs or locate other issues and also generate billing. It is a great asset to build any pool business.


With training from OriginClear existing pool cleaning business can launch a successful pool professional business. The program also provides new career opportunities to entrepreneurs who have been affected by COVID-19.


Pool Preserver restores water clarity to swimming pools with years of continued chemicals and unbalanced water chemistry by removing dissolved solids. Before this product, pool maintenance methods would leave mineral rings around the pool while also discarding old water gallons. Can restore the water to high-grade water quality, which will avoid water penalty rates and potentially eliminate foundation problems or cracking, which is caused by emptying pools.


otcmkts:ocln maintains Momentum Increased Over Nine Months of 2019


The company’s revenue for nine months ended in September, and 2020 increased over nine months ending in September 2019.

otcmkts:ocln announced the following highlights from its quarterly reports;

  • Revenue for nine months ending September 2020 increased by 14%, which is now $3,064,758 compared to the previous year, $2,698,433.
  • Its gross profit increased to $348,176, 20% compared to its last year being $290,294.
  • Loss from operations for 2020 decreased by $2,682,435, which is 5% compared to the previous year, $2,836,416.

Riggs Eckelberry CEO commented on its Texas-based team’s hard work that they are continuing to outpace 2019; they even saw an increase of booked orders, including nearly $450,000 job in progress that have not yet been recognized.


Tom Marchesello, the CEO, commented that their team efforts are paying off, and they are pleased with the pace of new business with progressive and modular water systems.


For the months ending September 30th, 2020, revenue decreased by 2% to approximately $917,320 compared to their previous year for the same period, which was $939,468. September 2020 shows a gross loss of $17,388 compared to $80,648 in the prior year, and loss from operations was just $964,655 compared to $1,183,722.

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