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A stock to monitor is otcmkts: cnttf, CannTrust Holdings Inc. Producing medical and recreational cannabis throughout Canada. The company also sells dried cannabis extracts to medical patients.

The company was formed in 2015 and is headquartered in Vaughan, Canada.


This company is a pink sheet and is also listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange. The stock can be traded under the following ticker symbols (CSE:TRST), (OTC:CNTTF). CannTrust is a regulated cannabis producer. Their brands include Liiv, Synr.g, and Estora, designed to delight patients and consumers.


CannTrust is dedicated to providing excellent customer experiences as well as top-quality products.


The company’s greenhouse produces cannabis flower, currently sold in oil drops, dried flower, and capsules. The company’s continued success throughout the cannabis markets and expansion into the recreational markets is due to being a licensed producer of the year from the Canadian Cannabis Awards.


The company excels in research and innovation, developing and investing in new products for the medical and recreational markets, and contributing to the evidence-based research of the efficacy of cannabis.

About otcmkts: cnttf

CannTrust has been delivering products since 2013 that enable physicians to provide accurate dosages to their patients. The company has been exploring the capacity to expand into new categories, mainly the adult-use market, over the counter, beauty, healthcare, and pet care.




CannTrust Estora medical brand aims to be supportive for each patient in their cannabis journeys.


The company’s portfolio of products has been specifically designed to meet the patient’s needs, with easy-to-use formats to ensure consistency in all of their products. The company is excited to bring back the award-winning products that patients and practitioners trust and know.


The company is proud to support thousands of patients managing their medical conditions, and the company ensures the continuous supply of their cannabis product ranges.



The company has been dedicated to market research and consumer feedback, and their products are based on target consumers within the recreational market, including Liiv and Synr.g brands.


The company has gained many partners throughout the years, including CnnaTrek, a licensed producer focusing on high-quality, low-cost medical production throughout Australia. O’Cannabis, the only nurse-led medical cannabis clinic, providing access through their online portal for patients. Breakthru Beverage, a beverage alcohol distributor representing CannTrust in the adult recreational market, deployed a marketing platform for all adult brands. Kindred, allowing the company to employ 18 salespeople throughout nine provinces, mainly utilizing extensive relationships throughout Canada.


CannTrust is set to open 200 retail spaces through NAC, the largest retailer in Canada, containing 23 active retail cannabis locations throughout the state.


Quality Policy

The company strives to improve lives throughout Canada and worldwide. They are mainly providing innovative cannabis products for medical benefit and individual lifestyle choices. The quality represented throughout their products and found in their team, who are always focused on technological advances. All of these benefits allow CannTrust to operate effectively within regulatory compliance.


The company’s commitment ensures patient safety and consumer satisfaction across all of its brands. Its strength is its people and its commitment to quality and innovative cannabis products for its customers.

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otcmkts: cnttf – Stock Price

CannTrust is currently trading at 0.675 and has decreased by 2.1739% at the time of this article. We can see its 52-week range trading between 0.0800 – 1.1000 with a volume of 22,596.


The company does not have an earnings date, and no PE Ratio can be found. CannTrust has a market capitalization of 95,31 Million.

CannTrust News

otcmkts: cnttf – Sale and Investment Solicitation Process

The company and certain subsidiaries have been granted protection pursuant issued under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act. The court approved CannTrust’s agreement engaging Greenhill & Co. Canada Ltd, as financial advisor. During May 8, 2020, the court issued an order to undertake the sale and investment process, which requires the company to initiate a press release to announce the initiation process.

CannTrust assets and business operations for sale or investment will concern the sale of all CannTrust assets and operations under consideration. The deadline is set for June 22, 2020.


otcmkts: cnttf Receives Notice from Health Canada of License Reinstatement

The company received notification from Health Canada that the company’s license for the Fenwick facility has been reinstated. The company has been actively pursuing collaborations with health Canada to identify and address CannTrust regulatory deficiencies. The organization announced that it had completed its remediation at the Fenwick Facility on February 14, 2020, and the company had submitted the support of license reinstatement to Health Canada.


The company can commence operations immediately in the Fenwick Facility, located in the Niagara region. The company cannot provide the timeframe for product availability in the market and will be dependent on receiving a response from health Canada regarding its Vaughan manufacturing facility. The decision for the Vaughan Facility reinstatement is independent of the Fenwick Facility license reinstatement.


CannTrust is currently under CCAA protection to resolve the company’s civil litigation exposure and strategic alternatives. The efforts are still ongoing, and the company cannot give a timeframe of the outcome at this time. CannTrust remains without revenues and has laid off a large number of employees. The company plans to begin its operations with a positive announcement and feels that it is an essential step to building its shareholder’s trust and delivering high-quality products to its customers and patients.



otcmkts: cnttf Licenses Reinstated for Vaughan Manufacturing Facility

The company announced that they had received reinstatement from Health Canada for the Vaughan Manufacturing Facility.


Throughout the year, CannTrust has been focused on resolving its regulatory deficiencies. The company already received notice for its license reinstatement for its Fenwick Facility on May 29, 2020, and can proceed with its cultivation processes at the location.


Greg Guyatt, CEO, Commented. Today marks the next chapter for CannTrust. During the last year, we have improved every aspect of our business operations. We have been focusing on our regulatory compliance as we restructured our operations. The company is excited to return to work with our partners, providing our customers with top-quality cannabis products.


otcmkts: cnttf will restart its operations and manufacturing at the Vaughan Facility, with all licenses fully reinstated. The company will have cannabis products available during 2020 in the 4th quarter.


Dr. Ilana Platt, CCR officer, commented. The company has undergone organizational and operational remediation activities. The company has applied regulatory compliance and risk management throughout its operations.

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otcmkts: cnttf is an innovative producer and manufacturer of medical and adult-use cannabis products throughout Canada. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality products for an excellent customer experience.


The company excels in research and innovation, developing and investing in new medical and recreational markets. CannTrust has been dedicated to market research and consumer feedback, and their products are based on target consumers within the recreational market, including Liiv and Synr.g brands.


The company has made several quality partnerships throughout its operations, including CnnaTrek, O’Cannabis, and Kindred. These are all popular cannabis producers, manufactures, and marketers throughout the legalized states.


CannTrust is set to open 200 retail spaces through NAC, the largest retailer in Canada.


These partners will allow otcmkts: cnttf to expand their reach state-wide and globally, delivering quality cannabis products through medical and recreational markets. This could ultimately improve the company’s bottom line, attracting more partners and shareholders.


During the 1st quarter of 2019, the year was explosive for marijuana stocks, the first cannabis-focused exchange-traded fund, gaining 50% throughout the markets.


But that did raise the question, is CannTrust still a buy? There are several reasons to buy and some good reasons to avoid it altogether.

Health Canada fully reinstated otcmkts: cnttf licenses to operate throughout their facilities, including the Vaughan Facility and the Fenwick Facility.


This ultimately leaves the door open for the company to regain its compliance. It is also important to note that they may have to sit on the sidelines due to the Canadian marijuana industry experiencing supply problems.


Health Canada has been slow in approving cultivation licenses and sales applications. This has ultimately caused a thriving black market throughout Canada. CannTrust has not lost its market share even due to supply issues; it is one of four Canadian cultivators that has earned deals in every province. CannTrust can ultimately jump back into action now that its licenses have been reinstated.


The company has 100,000 kilos of growing capacity, and their outdoor grow sites are additionally over 100,000 kilos per year production capabilities. The company would most likely use some of these products for derivative pot products. This makes the company a go-to source for supply deals, giving them the possibility to be a low-cost grower.


When analyzing any stock for a potential buy, it can be a risky volatile experience. We all know any trading and investing comes with risk.

CannTrust is a risky proposition if you take the company’s loss of trust into account. If you decide to invest in the stock, it could be a bumpy ride, and you may regret owning it ultimately.


If you buy with the idea that the company may be undervalued compared to potential production deals and supply, you may have to wait several years before this idea is realized.


Things could get worse before they get better for otcmkts: cnttf. The company’s delisting from the NYSE is concerning. Another thing to consider is that CannTrust failed to report its quarterly results in time, and adding to that a meager share price.


This could ultimately result in another wave down for the company due to its delisting. It is essential to do your due diligence on any potential stock as trading and investing can be risky.




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