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Throughout this edition of Stock Analyzers, we will look at another penny stock with potential otcmkts:apgi (American Power Group Corporation), an emerging company in alternative fuel solutions. This full report will provide a complete company profile, key market data, press releases, and final thoughts. To give you a comprehensive overview of trading and investing potential in this pink sheet stock.


otcmkts:apgi is a provider of dual-fuel conversions systems for diesel generators throughout North America and globally. The company operates through two segments, Natural Gas Liquids Operations, and Dual Fuel Conversion Operations. The company’s conversion systems covert diesel engines into engines, which operate on diesel fuel and compressed natural gas. The system also provides flare capture and recovery services to oil and gas companies.


The company was formally known as GreenMan Technologies, Inc and changed its name on August 12, 2012; the company was formed in 1992 and is headquartered in Algona, Iowa.

Company Overview of American Power Group Corporation

The company is a publicly-traded pink sheet stock, ticker symbol (otcmkts:apgi). The company delivers innovative and alternative fuel solutions to high horsepower, heavy-duty trucks, and stationary power generation industries. The company strives to provide cost-effective products and services that promote their alternative fuel and emissions technologies’ environmental and economic benefits.


APG Technology converts existing diesel engines into more efficient and environmentally friendly engines. This conversion will result in fuel savings with no loss of power, normal maintenance cycles. Enable the transfer systems to eligible engines and provides freedom against fuel risks by returning to diesel if required.


otcmkts: apgi’s Dual Fuel Technology does not interfere with the diesel engine’s integrity and allows users the freedom to use it without having to change or modify the design of the base engine. The technology is used to reduce diesel fuel usage and providing an environmentally friendly alternative.


General operations of Dual Fuel mode ensure no negative effects on the engine wear rates and durability. The main reason is that engine thermal loads are equivalent to diesel operations.


APG Turbocharged Natural Gas dual fuel system for vehicular engines and stationary engines has an anti-tamper design. It has emission compliance and guidelines awarded by the EPA.


Customer Benefits

The company delivers lifetime savings with the freedom of choice at the lowest cost to the end-user. The technology allows the user to experience substantial fuel savings while retaining their diesel power requirements. Customers have complete flexibility to return to diesel operation at any time. Also, there are no other dual-fuel conversions that deliver operational and environmental paybacks.

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otcmkts:apgi Stock Price

APG is currently trading at 0.0310 with no significant increase or decrease at this time. The stock has a volume of 6,600, and its BETA monthly PE Ratio is 0.92. There has been no earning date announced at this time.


If we look at the company’s 52-week range, we can see prices between 0.0040-0.0500. APG has a market capitalization of 798,904. The company does not offer a dividend yield at this time.


Here are some of the popular questions that traders and investors have about otcmkts:apgi


Has The Pandemic impacted America Group’s Stock Prices?

On the day the pandemic happened APG was trading at $0.01 on March 22, 2020. but since then, the stock has increased by 210.0%. The company are now trading at $0.310


Who Are APG’s Main Executives?

The company’s executives include;

Mr. Matthew Van Steenwyk, Lead Strategic Director & Director, Age 65

Mr. Charles E. Coppa, CEO, CFO, Treasurer & Sec, Age 58

otcmkts:apgi Financial News


Press releases have been gathered from reputable sources on the internet and are available through popular financial news sites. We have focused our attention on key news and information throughout the article. You can find full press releases on www.otcmarkets.com for further reading.

APG Announces Senior Management Changes

otcmkts:apgi have announced a corporate-wide realignment of its strategic direction. The company has been forced to reevaluate how the company markets its dual-fuel technology throughout the marketplace. This is mainly due to customer delays and the impact of low-priced oil. APG Has terminated the chief executive officer, Lyle Jensen, to reflect the current market conditions better. Chuck Coppa, our CFO has now been appointed as chief executive officer. Who will be working with a core group of employees to get the business model back on track.


Chuck Coppa commented. The company’s true value is to deliver low-cost, reliable, proven emission reduction throughout the markets and locations globally.


He believes that by focusing on a less capital-intensive approach. It will enable the company to leverage their partners’ existing market dominance and resources and allow the company to discover greater opportunities in new larger markets without any significant capital resources. The company will now focus its attention on situations that provide the quickest opportunities for revenue. Several board members have agreed to provide additional capital to support the new approach.


Mario Blanco, APG’s Vice President of International Sales, commented That Mexico represents immediate opportunities for the company on multiple levels based on the primary economic and emissions benefits associated with using natural gas. In January 2017, the Mexican Government eliminated fuel subsidies for gasoline and diesel, resulting in increased diesel fuel prices.


Furthermore, The Mexican officials report a multibillion-dollar investment to expand the natural gas pipeline. They are due to add hundreds of gas fueling stations over the next few years, which will provide APG with potential licensing opportunities.


otcmkts:apgi Report 2nd Quarter Fiscal Results For 2017

APG report the results for the three months ended March 31, 2017

Lyle Jensen, APG CEO, Commented That the company is pleased to report that the second quarter’s revenue was 83% higher than the previous year at $1.1 million. One of the major reasons for this has been the positive reception of the company’s S4000 Stationary Turbocharged® Natural Gas system, a product that a prominent contract drilling customer selected to become a standard option on their drill rigs. The software upgrade will allow oil and gas drillers to adjust site dual fuel mapping and optimize performance. Already thousands of customers are experiencing a 10% increase in diesel fuel displacement, and payback period, even with the volatile prices.


otcmkts:apgi reports that their subsequent revenue growth is expected to come from international investment In Mexico and Latin America. Due to the eliminated fuel subsidies for diesel and gas by the Mexican Government. This caused a 20% increase in diesel fuel prices.


The officials report a multibillion-dollar investment to expand the natural gas pipeline with hundreds of fuelling stations within the next few years. This generates many opportunities for APG, with their dual-fuel engines already being accepted by the Mexican authorities. APG has been very active with multiple Mexican fleet evaluation programs completed, and new orders are expected in 2017 and beyond.


Mr. Jensen continued even though the tight price spread between diesel and gas, impacting the U.S markets. The company is encouraged by the market recognition generated over the years, providing dual fuel opportunities to broaden the product line and increase profitability and cash flow objectives.


otcmkts: apgi’s net sales for the three months ended 31, 2017, increased by 83% to $1,113,00 compared to the net sales of $609,000. The increase was mainly due to the rise in the number of oil and gas rigs in operation. The rigs were seeking lower operating costs as oil prices recovered. This created an increase in demand throughout various parts of the world.


APG Revenue for the months ending March 31, 2017, was $1,031,00, a 1312% increase compared to the previous year of $78,00. This increase was due to the number of drilling rigs throughout the oil and gas markets.


otcmkts: apgi’s gross profit in the months ending March 31, 2017, was $99,000, a 9% increase compared to the previous year of a gross loss of $316,000. The increase was due to the increase in the company’s revenue which covered overhead costs.


APG’s net sales for the six months ending March 31, 2017, increased to $1,103,000, an approximately 40% increase. This increase is due to the increase of oil and gas rigs in operation, with the recovery of oil prices and company’s seeking lower operational costs.

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otcmkts:apgi, American Power Group Corporation is an emerging company. We can see that the innovative alternative fuel solutions company could become a significant player throughout the oil and gas industry.


The company’s technologies are providing a valuable alternative for customers seeking more efficient and environmentally friendly engines. This, in turn, will provide them with cost-effective alternatives without compromising the flexibility to return to a diesel engine if desired.


APG Beta Monthly PE Ratio is 0.92, attracting attention from traders and investors. Who may assume that this stock is undervalued and snap it up at a bargain price before future growth potential within the sector. We were aware of the 210.0% increase after the pandemic on March 11, 2020. The company was trading at $0.01 and is now trading at $0.0310.

Even during the pandemic and volatile markets, this company still shows potential for growth and sustainability.


otcmkts:apgi realignment of corporate structure to follow a significant strategic direction. It resulted in a new CEO Chuck Coppa to realign the business model. Who will actively build on its existing market dominance through its partners. To provide the company with new and exciting opportunities to enter new markets without needing significant capital resources. This is good news for APG to get back on track and expand its operations and increase the company’s overall revenue. Add to this the company’s work with partners in Mexico and Latin America. To provide potential licensee opportunities, Mexican officials report a multibillion-dollar investment to expand the natural gas pipeline and add fuel stations within the next few years. Suppose the company can keep on track with its strategic plans. In that case, it could gain many contracts throughout Mexico and Latin America and create brand awareness globally for its cost-effective products and services. This could lead to further expansion and market dominance for the company’s innovative technologies.


otcmkts: apgi’s fiscal results for 2017 have impacted this company and reported an increase of roughly 83% at $1,1 million, mainly due to contract drilling customers making the company’s product a standard option for their drilling rigs. The customers experience a 10% improved diesel displacement rate which improves the payback period even though the prices are volatile.


APG net Sales were at $1,103,000, which is an increase of approximately 40%, and the gross profit was $99,000, which is a 9% increase. From the figures, you can see the company is heading on a more strategic path. Their main aim is to work through the dominant partners to expand and gain more dominance within the market, even though the oil and gas market industries’ prices remain unstable. They believe that companies will seek out more cost-effective and environmental alternatives to grow their company’s. The partnerships that otcmkts:apgi is creating will provide them with the market dominance and long-term growth for expansion and licenses globally.



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