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NEXE Innovations Inc. Ticker symbol (NEXE.V) This company is a Canada TXV Venture and is a Canadian stock exchange listed company.

NEXE Innovations Inc is mainly a material company, which designs, manufactures, develops, commercializes, and is a leader in plant based materials globally. Its main developments include the plant-based single serve coffee pod, offering NEXE pods, single serve coffee pod capsules for use in Nespresso and Keurig K Cup brewing systems. NEXE is headquartered in Canada.

Company Overview

NEXE Innovations Inc was formally known as G-Pak Technology Inc, it was founded in 2015, and its headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company develops plant based coffee pods for use in some popular brewing systems, including Nespresso and Keurig K-Cup.

NEXES Technology and products include developing materials and technology for single serve coffee pods, which confronts plastic pollution. NEXE is engaged in designing and developing plat based single serve coffee pod’s. It is an advanced materials company and a leader in plant based projects to meet the worldwide demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

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About NEXE Innovations Inc

This company has developed one of the only patented and fully compostable, plant based, single serve coffee pods, which can be used in the major single serve coffee brewing systems.

The NEXE Pod is designed to reduce environmental impact, which is caused by single serve coffee pods. Over 40 billion of these pods are thrown out every year. With its equity and government funding of over 35$ million, which has been raised, NEXE is positioned to meet the global demand for sustainable products and environmentally friendly products in the single serve coffee sector.


The company was founded in 2015; when the company leveraged 3D printing and design, its prototype was the world’s first compostable single serve coffee pod, which evolved to replace nonbio gradable plastic.

The company is now a major leader in plant based material manufacturing, offering its first product to the commercial market, NEXE Pod.

NEXE core business is designing, manufacturing, commercializing plant-based materials and everyday consumer products; their product is single serve coffee pods.

The single serve brewing systems that NEXE pod’s fit into are Nespresso and Keurig brewing systems.

NEXE pod’s have been tested in a municipal composting facility; it was developed in collaboration with Municipal Biofuels Facility in British Columbia, which is equipped to process over 1115,000 tones of organic waste every year. The NEXE pod has shown that the pods are biogradable using various testing facilities.

You can buy the NEXE pod for your favorite coffee this year, when they will be available and on sale.

The NEXE pod does not contain any harmful toxic byproducts, as the coffee pod’s break down into natural and no toxic materials. This was tested for six months with a third party, and their study found no impact on the growth of organic vegetables in the soil with the NEXE pod compost.

The NEXE Pod Competitive advantages;

  • 5 years of scientific testing conducted by universities and other industries.
  • The pods are compatible with Nespresso and Keurig brewing systems this year.
  • The pods are plan based and fully compostable.
  • The pods provide higher coffee volume capacities.

Let us now look at some of their impacting news releases on pr newswire. To discover some of the explosive projects that this company is involved in.

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NEXE Economic news

NEXE has sold out its online XOMA Superfoods pilot launch


An introduction to Xoma Superfoods

Xoma superfoods are NEXE’s superfoods in house coffee brand, which will soon go live, Xoma allows NEXE to meet its sustainability needs while it provides its consumers with high quality coffee and superfoods. The company will launch its first project under the XOMA superfoods brand, a soluble micro ground coffee packaged in the NEXE pod, which will be piloted in late January 2021.

Xoma is derived from the Greek word soil. It is dedicated to delivering and producing high-quality coffee and superfoods packaged for single serve, fully composable, and all plant-based.

XOMA Superfoods with its micro ground soluble coffee, will be the first commercial product, which NEXE will release.

President Ash Guglani is extremely pleased that the first commercial offering has sold out, and in a short space of time. It is a pilot program for this company to grasp better the dynamics of running and operating an online store. The team is blown away by the support and interest they have received for their XOMA superfoods launch. This has validated their theory of combining coffee with superfoods, like MCT oil, encapsulated in a fully compostable pod. The company is now faced with the problem of delivering even more coffee and MCT filled pods to their ever-growing market, but they will also expand their superfoods portfolios.

NEXE Innovations would like to thank all of its customers for their purchases personally and look forward to releasing even more coffee and MCT filled pods; it will also provide more superfoods in its lineup.



NEXE Launches XOMA Using Its Proprietary Capsule


NEXE Innovations Inc is a leader in plant based materials, manufacturing, and science. They are pleased to announce the commercialization of it coffee pod for single serve use, which can be used in Keurig brewing systems with their high quality XOMA Superfoods line. The XOMA Superfoods pilot will launch and begin with a micro ground soluble coffee containing organic MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) NEXE Expects that the products will be available to consumers on the 5th February 2021.

CEO Darren Footz said, “This is a milestone for us. With up to six years from the initial concept to commercialization, this unique and innovative product will be the very first time the public gets to touch, see and enjoy the great taste that the pod will deliver. Customers will be able to enjoy their coffee without the waste which is associated with the typical single serve beverages available. The XOMA offering, including all packaging, will be environmentally friendly. The initial demand for the product is strong, and we are planning to expand our offerings shortly.”

This product launch is the first in a series of product releases that have been designed to meet the demand for health and environmentally conscious customers. XOMA superfoods brand is designed to combine personal wellness and sustainability in a high quality product for environmentally conscious consumers. Stay tuned for other superfood offerings in the coming months.


Provisional Patent Applications Announced by NEXE


NEXE Innovations Inc, (OTC Markets: NEXNF), (TSXV: NEXE) is a leader in plant based advanced materials and compostable technologies, has announced the expansion of its intellectual property portfolio.

NEXE has filled ten provisional patent applications throughout the last eight months with the united states patent and trademark offices.

NEXE Innovations Inc applications will cover systems, methods, and materials to improve their plant-based packaging quality, compostability, and consistency.

The applications will also cover improvements on the design and functions of its single serve coffee pod, which are used in major brewing systems machines.

NEXE Darren Footz CEO Said, “filing these provisional patent applications validates the intention to create solutions which will address the challenges in the compostable packaging industries. Our IP portfolio will also reflect the substantial research and development of these materials, manufacturing, and design of the NEXE pod. By including these inventions into several aspects of the business, NEXE will continue to make further progress on their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of plastic packaging.”

Scientific Officer Dr. Zachary Hudson, “We are so proud of the achievements the product engineering team has made in demonstrating creative problem solving and their ability to find novel improvements in the technology. These innovations have been made possible by their ability to prototype new product designs rapidly and to test them in various real word scenarios immediately.”

10 provisional patent applications were filed between May 2020 and January 2021



NEXE Innovations Inc Has Been Awarded 1,000,00$ from the Government of Canada


NEXE Innovations Inc, a global leader in plant-based materials science and manufacturing technologies, is proud to announce that it has been awarded 1,000,00$ by the government of Canada, which will support its commercialization of Nespresso compatible coffee pods. The award is a part of phase 2 of the Plastics Challenge: For Improved Compostability of Bioplastics (“Bioplastics Challenge”). This follows the 150,000$ grant that NEXE received during phase 1, which supports the prototype developments. This award supports the companies’ speedy manufacturing of Nespresso compatible coffee pods, which follows the announcement of best-in-class composting results, which was last week.

CEO Darren Footz said “The team was honored to receive the reward from the Government of Canada,” This award validates our research and development over the past five years in the development of our fully compostable pod for Keurig and Nespresso compatible brewing systems. With the Canadian Governments support and aligned objectives, it will enable us to accelerate new and unique plant based products.

In 2018 the Bioplastics Challenge was launched to support the development of new technologies and improve bioplastic combability within the home and municipal composting systems. It reflects Canada’s commitment of the (Ocean Plastics Charter) which was signed by 26 nations to develop a more sustainable approach to the management of plastics. The challenge was put forward by (Innovative Solutions Canada program) , with over 100$ million dedicated which were supporting the growth of Canadian Businesses.

NEXE has been awarded Phase 2 funding to further develop plant based and fully compostable coffee pods from bioplastic and wood fibre for the Nespresso brewing systems. This project has been recognized for improving the compostability of bioplastics and reducing plastic waste.


NEXE Will Launch XOMA Superfoods


NEXE Highlights

  • NEXE Innovations will be launching its new brand, XOMA Superfoods, which will meet the health and environmentally conscious population’s needs and demands.
  • XOMA Superfoods (SKU), is a soluble micro ground coffee that is fortified with MCT oil, which will be packaged in the NEXE pod. It will pilot in late January.
  • NEXE Plans to expand its products, which are available to purchase online and through its subscriptions, included in their new direct eCommerce platform.

NEXE Innovations Inc, a leader in plant-based, science, material and manufacturing technologies, has announced XOMA Superfoods, which is NEXE’s in house coffee and superfoods brand soon go live. This will allow the organization to reach its sustainability mandate while it provides its consumers with high quality coffees and superfoods. NEXE will launch its first stock-keeping unit under XOMA Superfoods brand, a soluble ground coffee fortified with MCT oil and packaged in the NEXE pod. Its pilot will commence in late January 2021.

CEO Darren Footz. Said, “XOMA Superfoods is the next step for NEXE” Our innovative and unique plant based technology will mean that customers can continue to enjoy their daily superfood and coffee knowing that it is sustainable. XOMA offers high quality products in fully compostable packaging.”

NEXE has plans to release more products available to purchase online or through subscriptions within its direct eCommerce platform. Xoma superfoods will include a wide range of healthy living products, including superfood creamers, coffee, MCT oil, mushrooms, coconut oil, and moringa.

The launch of XOMA and the eCommerce platform will provide NEXE with a sales platform for its capsules. This launch will enable NEXE to understand its customers, tastes, manage quality control and logistics, maintain a high brand while providing its customers with a great experience.

The global COVID 19 has forced consumers to prioritize their grocery spending and take a more active wellness role. The focus on health has increased the consumer demand for functional foods and superfoods with high quality ingredients. It has also created a situation for consumers to move online, as consumers will avoid public spaces by preference or local health priorities.

With is vast experience in packaging high quality coffee which uses compostable materials, NEXE is situated to meet the demands of health and environmentally conscious customers.

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Earnings Calendar and Other financial Data

NEXE Innovations In is currently trading at 3.6300, a gain of +14.15% at the time of this write-up. Its market capitalization is 233.915M, and its average volume is 817,548. Its earnings calendar is not applicable now, so we will have to await its earnings date eagerly.


Its technical indicators on tradingview charts suggest it as a buy at this time. There are no trading ideas available for NEXE on the platform, although several opinions are shared on youtube.