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In this edition of Stock Analyzers, we want to bring to your attention another penny stock with potential otcmkts:ovtz, (Oculus Vision Tech Inc). This emerging stock shows excellent potential to investors and traders. We will look at the company’s information, key data, and recent press releases to give us an overall view of direction and momentum.


otcmkts:ovtz markets and designs digital marketing technology for organizations throughout America and Canada. Its main products include SmartMarks, which marks digital media video content, and MediaSentinel. The company also has a cloud-based document protection system which is called (cloud-DPS). This technology enables the user to access tamper-proof document protection and authentication. It also has a range of other services, including EncodeHQ, Hurricane Mediacaster, ZMail, and MediaClix. The company actively develops Legal DPS. It is a cloud-based web service to protect documents for its business partners and various online products aimed towards organizations, financial institutions, and high-security organizations.


The company was previously known as USA Video Interactive Corp and changed its name in 2012. The company was formed in 1986 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Oculus VisionTech, Inc is a publicly-traded pink sheet company, and its ticker symbol is (OVTZ:OTC US).

A Company Overview of otcmkts:ovtz

Oculus mainly specializes in creating systems for multimedia and document protection and is primarily a cybersecurity company. The organization has developed a cloud-based document protection platform that is based on embedded digital watermarking. The company currently provides services and delivery solutions, including still images, documents, photographs, and much more. The company was founded by digital experts in image processing and is operated by a highly experienced team.


Oculus is a recognized leader in Forensic watermarking solutions. Its clients include 20th century Fox as well as other notable organizations.

The company is currently expanding and investing in data protection and data privacy products which will revolutionize data controllers globally. The company will continue to help solve cybersecurity, data privacy, and data protection challenges in various industries and markets in the future.

otcmkts:ovtz Products

let us discover some of the innovative products this company is marketing and developing throughout America and Canada.


Forget Me yes (FMY)

This dynamic platform manages two organizations, Right To Be Forgotten, and its main features include.

  • The service locates and manages data subject personal information for its FMY subscribers in a very secure and persistent way.
  • Enable users to focus on core business competencies and avoid regulatory distractions.
  • Auditing features to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • It provides best practices for companies to avoid penalties or brand damage associated with negative publicity.


otcmkts:ovtz developed a document watermarking protection technology provided in a cloud-based technology platform, creating the system to protect and authenticate against digital tampering.

The main systems features are;

  • Watermarking will create a protected copy, becoming the master document and providing no need to use external sources for any verification.
  • During Authentication, you can rapidly discover if the document is protected or tampered with by comparing the protected copy.
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otcmkts:ovtz Key Financial Data

Oculus is currently trading at 0.8363 and has increased by 5.19% at this writing up. Its beta monthly PE ratio is 1.47 and has an average volume of 357,868. Currently, it has no earnings date announcements.


The company’s days range is between 0.8200 and 0.8746 with a market capitalization of 72,359 million. The company does not offer a dividend yield at this time.


Here are some of the most popular questions related to Oculus to give you an overall view of this stock’s sentiment today and throughout the future.


Does Facebook now own oculus?

Oculus was acquired by Facebook back in 2014, so there’s always been an understanding that whatever you’re doing in Oculus is under Facebook’s view. Even with a distinct “Oculus account” outside of Facebook, it’s best to assume Zuck and his team sees all that stuff.


Is Oculus stock a buy right now?

The Oculus VisionTech Inc stock price dropped by -0.44% on the last day, which was on Friday, March 12th 2021. The stock remains in the lower part of an extensive and strong rising uptrend in the short term. This may pose a very good buying opportunity for traders and investors.

Oculus Financial News

otcmkts:ovtz Announces The Subsidiary Name Change to ComplyTrust

Oculus, an emerging security technology provider, has announced OCL Technologies’ rebranding (OCLT) Corporation. In preparation for this name change, the company will prepare to release Forget Me Yes, Right To Be Forgotten, and Right To Erase. OCLT announces their name change to ComplyTrust Inc.


ComplyTrust’s Forget Me Yes platform has been engineered using approximately 110 microservices and provides data privacy compliance architecture. ComplyTrust will be announcing the general release of Forget Me Yes to customers shortly.


The new company name aligns with customers and market focus to provide intelligent tools for the enablement of data privacy and protection for customers globally.


Michael Johnson (president) commented this is indeed a milestone for the company. The data privacy market continues to accelerate, and it provides a unique opportunity with the technology powering FMY. The company’s mission is to become a trusted data privacy partner.

More About ComplyTrust

This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oculus and is highly focused on providing organizations and individuals with secure data privacy tools that provide global regulatory compliance of data rights. The organization is Headquartered in San Diego and was founded by storage technology experts, and is operated by a highly skilled team. You can read more about this company here https://complytrust.com/


Oculus FMY Beta Launch Is On-Track

The company has announced that they on track for the beta release of Forget Me Yes (FMY) software and is planned to launch in February 2021.

(FMY) software is primarily a platform for organizations and individuals for data privacy compliance for structured data. otcmkts:ovtz acquired OCLT last year and is now its business focus moving forward.


Jack Corrao, CEO of Corrao Group, commented. We are 20-year veterans of salesforce integration systems and are excited to be part of the FMY privacy tool. Data privacy continues to be a priority within the salesforce organization.


Oculus current increase in trading activity is unaware of reasons for any increase in share price and volume. They believe there has been no undisclosed information at this time.

More About Corrao Group

The company has helped many salesforce customers customize the platform to maximize its effectiveness to specific business needs. The company provides salesforce consulting services, which include development, configuration, integrations, and sales support since 2002. To find out more about Corrao Group, you can visit the company’s website here https://www.corraogroup.com/


More About OCL

OCL Technologies is a subsidiary of Oculus; it provides organizations and individuals with secure data privacy tools that provide regulatory compliance data rights. It is headquartered in San Diego and was founded by storage technology experts. It is managed by a highly skilled team of professionals with years of industry experience. You can read about the organization here https://www.ocltechnologies.com/


Oculus Is Ready for Launch of “Forget Me Yes™” platform

otcmkts:ovtz announces preparation for the launch of Forget Me Yes, a data compliance platform. They will also prepare to release Data Protection System (DPS); these products will enable Oculus to offer security and regulatory products to the fast-growing market for cloud business.


Rowland Perkins, CEO commented. (FMY) The platform will be a critical component for various databases which operate with customer relationship management. This would enable the company to reach a wide base of potential customers.


Oculus VisionTech Reports Its 2020 Annual General Meeting Results

The company is pleased to report its annual general meeting results, which was held on November 23rd 2020, in Vancouver. Shareholders approved all resolutions that were put forward. 69.19%, which represents 59,838,149 common shares attached to all outstanding shares at the meeting date.



The company is happy to announce the planned expansion of its data security products directly through the acquisition of 100% shares of OCL Technologies.


OCL technologies is a Delaware organization. It’s head office in the technology hub of San Diego. Focuses on providing organizations and individuals with secure data privacy tools that offer global regulatory compliance to protect all parties.


With the growth of privacy regulation globally, companies are dedicating resources to achieve and maintain their compliance. In the past two years, initiatives have developed, including General Data Protection Regulation. The California Consumer Privacy Act has mandated privacy rights and data protection for organizations and individuals within their frameworks.


To add to this, there are ongoing initiatives throughout Asia and America, which will require data protection solutions.


Oculus believes that the acquisition with OCL is a great fit and works within its core objectives in developing secure technologies that address customer data protection on a global scale.


Rowland Perkins, the CEO, commented. To Be Forgotten, which is OCL’s platform. Will mainly address data privacy regulations requirements, which are implemented on a modern platform to ensure organization’s compliance across their data processing capabilities. We are excited to add the platform to our Oculus offerings. In being a developer of next-generation data protection and security. Oculus Can see the synergy between the Right-To-Be-Forgotten Platform and the Oculus DPS Cloud document protection system. The company continues to examine unique applications and marketing opportunities for otcmkts:ovtz. We will look forward to announcing further developments and opportunities for Oculus shortly.


The acquisition of OCL is 12,500,000 of common shares of the company and 12,500,00 purchase warrants, which are exercisable for five years. The purchase warrants are exercisable based upon performance criteria being met.

This includes the following criteria;

  • Revenue sales projections for OCL’s proformas
  • Listing On A U.S major exchange
  • The change of control

Completion of the Acquisition is subject to the receipt of regulatory approvals, including the TSX Venture Exchange’s acceptance. The company will utilize all the proceeds from the offering. To continue developing and commercializing cloud-based cybersecurity technology. To commercialize OCL’s Right To Be Forgotten platform and working capital.


The securities will be subject to resale restrictions under the Canadian Securities Laws for approximately four months and one day. The securities are also considered to be restricted securities. They will be held for a minimum of six months under Rule 144.


Suppose you wish to read the acquisition in further detail. In that case, you can view it on the company’s website for more detailed information and other recent press releases. You can also find further news on yahoo finance under the company’s ticker symbol otcmkts:ovtz.



Stock Analyzers hope you have gained more knowledge on otcmkts:ovtz, and we believe that this penny stock is one to add to your watchlist for future growth. We are dedicated to providing you with up-to-date company information throughout our website and free email alerts. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might be interested in reading otcmkts:siga, another emerging company with potential. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive up-to-date information as it happens to be alerted immediately.

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