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CPOAX, Morgan Stanley Insight Fund Class A. The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. Under most circumstances, the fund will be invested in a portfolio of common stocks, with companies demonstrating a market capitalization. The fund seeks stocks comprising of the Russell 3000 growth index. The advisors seek long-term gains, primarily investing in established, emerging companies. The advisors mainly seek out stocks with attractive investments, using a bottom-up stock selection process.


Many investors seek suitable investments. It can be tricky getting it right; you might be asking yourself, is CPOAX a buy, sell, or hold? The fund’s performance is 124.42% for the past year, offering fees at 1.04%. The fund’s initial investment is $3,000, and analysts predict four reasons to buy the stock, two reasons to sell it, with a Finny score of 67. The main reason to buy it is that it demonstrates a 43.3% 3-year return, which is higher than the benchmark index of the Russel 3000, coming in at 20.84% for the same period. So, we did some research to gather some facts about CPOAX.




  • As investors, it is always important to discover the risks involved with a given stock or fund. CPOAX demonstrates controlled moves, but be aware of the falling volume.
  • The fund has delivered 43.75% over the last three years, with an expense ratio of 1.04%
  • The finny score for the fund is 67, considered high, with four buy ratings and two sell ratings.
  • The 3-year return is $47.3%, which is higher than the benchmark of 20.84%, demonstrated by the Russel 3000.
  • We take a look at a few alternatives that are top performers in their category, with some demonstrating lower fees.
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The fund demonstrates very controlled moves, and the risk is considered low. But investors should be aware of the falling volume and keep a close eye on the fund throughout the last day. It is recommended to keep a stop loss at $80.52, which provides lower risk, given the stock’s daily movements.



The fund has delivered 124.42% throughout the last year, 43.75% in the previous three years, and 37.41 in the last five years.



The fund has an expense ratio of 1.04%, which is below average compared to other funds in the same category.


Reasons To Be Bullish

CPOAX has a 3-year return above the benchmark, and the 5-year and 10-year returns are also above the benchmark.


Reasons To Be Bearish

The fund carries a high expense ratio, along with sales load or distribution fees.

Analyzing The Fund

cpoax trading

We will look at CPOAX in a little more detail to establish an overall view, looking at the pros and cons of CPOAX, performance, and alternatives you may want to consider.


Investors can quickly discover CPOAX by visiting Finny, typing in CPOAX quote. An excellent platform to get the quick scoop on a fund or stock, offering charts, analyst ratings, and key financials.


If you are looking to Buy, Sell, or Hold CPOAX or exploring your alternatives. We have done a little research to go into CPOAX in more detail, along with other funds you might want to analyze further.


We will aim to answer the most common questions regarding the fund to give you an overall clear objective.


CPOAX Top Holdings

The fund has 25 stock holdings, and we have listed a few of them;

Zoom Video Communications Inc ZM 7.25%
Morgan Stanley InstlLqdty TrsSecs Instl MSUXX 6.88%
Square Inc A SQ 6.02%
Shopify Inc A SHOP.TO 5.60%
Intuitive Surgical Inc ISRG 4.89%
Veeva Systems Inc Class A VEEV 4.88%


The fund’s returns are one month at 4.10%, three months at 13.9%, one year 13.99%, and three years at 47.30%


How has CPOAX Performed Historically?

Throughout the last 10-years, the fund has had eight bullish years and two bearish years.


Does CPOAX offer a Dividend Yield? And What Is the Minimum Investment?

We can not discover any dividend yield being offered by the fund.

The minimal investment required is $3,000.


Expense Ratios And Sales Loads

The fund has an expense ratio of 1.09%. The expense ratio indicates the percentage of assets used for management, administration, and various other expenses.

The sales loads are 12b-1 distribution fee at 0.25, with front-end sales load of 5.25, and the backend sales load of 0.


Sharpe Ratio

The Sharpe ratio aims to adjust the portfolio’s past performance or expected future performance. A high Sharpe ratio can be ideal compared to similar funds or portfolios with lower returns.


CPOAX 3-year Sharpe Ratio is 1.47, and an acceptable number, the 5-year Sharpe ratio is 1.54, and the 10-year Sharpe ratio is 1.13.  A higher ratio above 3.0 is considered excellent.

CPOAX In More Detail

If you look at the Finny site, you will find four reasons to buy and two reasons to sell. The resulting score is 67. The main aim of the score is to assess the fund or stock performance quickly. The score goes from 0 to 100, and the higher the score, the better. The scoring is primarily based on the pros and cons that have been found in the analysis.


The Pros And Cons

We will aim to look at the reasons you might want to Buy CPOAX and the reasons to sell it.

Let’s start with the pros;

The 3-year return is $47.3%, is higher than the benchmark of 20.84%, demonstrated by the Russel 3000, the 5-year return is 42.17%, higher than the benchmark of 22.14%, and the 10-year return at 22.02%, higher than the benchmark of 16.24%


Let us look at some of the cons;

The expense ratio of 1.09% is considered high; you must consider if the fund fits with your trading strategy.


The front-end sales fees are 0.25%, and the front-end sales load is 5.25%.  The front-end sales load is a sales charge, a fee paid when buying the mutual fund. All fees are subtracted from your total investments.

What Are The Alternatives?

When you are investing in any fund, you own some of the best managed top-performing mutual funds there are.


The easiest way to judge a mutual fund for quality over time is to analyze its performance, fees, and diversification. If you head over to Zacks Rank. You will discover that the platform covers over 19,000 mutual funds, which can help you identify some outstanding investments that you can hold over the long term.


Lucky for you, we have a few interesting mutual funds you might want to take a look at in comparison to CPOAX.


(MGRFX): MassMutual Select Mid Cap Growth is an excellent fund with top management in place. It has a 0.81% expense ratio and a 0.68% management fee. The mid-cap growth mutual fund targets companies with a market capitalization of up to $10 billion, exhibiting more growth opportunities than their peers. Yearly returns are 10.86% over the past five years. The fund is diversified with a reputation for performing solidly.


(RRCOX) T. Rowe Price Capital Opportunity is an attractive large-cap fund. It is part of a large-cap blend selection. The mutual fund mainly invests in organizations with a market capitalization of $10 billion. When investing in these larger companies, these funds generally offer more stability and mainly effective to investors with a buy or hold perspective.  The fund has an expense ratio of 1.18%, with management fees of 0.33% throughout the last five years.


(MSEGX) Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Growth Portfolio Class A. This is a load fund seeking to invest in large growth companies exhibiting strong cash flow, mainly found on the Russel 1000 growth index. The fund’s expense ratio is 0.83%. The fund returns 36.01% over five years. The fund also distributes dividends every quarter. To read the full report on MSEGX, click here.


(VWUSX) Vanguard U.S. Growth Fund Investor Shares. The fund mainly invests in blue-chip companies holding a strong position in their sector. The fund invests in companies demonstrating a market capitalization of $10 billion or more. Investors who seek funds with a strong performance should research VWUSX in more detail. The fund delivers 24.6% over five years and is in the top 3rd of its category. The fund is a no-load fund, with an expense ratio of 0.38%. To read the full report on this fund, click here.


CPOAX fund invests primarily in established and emerging companies, demonstrating long-term capital appreciation. The fund’s performance over 3-years is 47.30%, with an expense ratio of 1.09%.

The fund has demonstrated controlled moves, and the risk is considered low. But investors need to keep a close watch on the falling volume.

There are several reasons to be bullish (the fund demonstrating above benchmark over the past 10-years) on this fund and others to be bearish (the expense ratios are 1.09%, which are considered high)

CPOAX has a Finny rating of 67, with four buy ratings and two sell ratings. The finny score of 67 is an excellent rating. Still, as investors, we will want to carry out further research to check against our trading strategies.

As investors, we always want to discover alternatives, as it is always important to compare when choosing a potential investment. We discovered many alternatives to select from, all demonstrating good returns and providing fewer expense ratios. Head over to Zacks Rank for a quick overview of the alternatives provided, or come up with your own. The platform can identify outstanding stocks and funds, providing you with a more objective view.