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ABV Consulting Inc is a listed US Ticker symbol (ABVN: OTCPK) providing analyses on corporations. Markets, industries, and investors, to make a tailor-made investment plan for their needs. ABV Consulting does not have any significant operations as its main focus is acquiring target organizations located in southeast Asia, the pacific islands, the people’s republic of china, and Taiwan. Previously this company had provided consulting services and was founded in 2013, which is headquartered in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. ABV Consulting Inc is now a subsidiary of Kang Min Global Holdings Limited.

Stock Market Company profile

ABVN is a consulting agency that uses its wealth of market experience and dedication, including its strong network of funds, to invest in high-quality organizations and projects worldwide. This company solely focuses on acquiring target companies, which are mostly located in southeast Asia. The company was founded in 2013, and its main headquarters are in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. ABVN is a subsidiary of Kang Min Global Holdings Limited.


In January 2021, ABV Consulting entered into an independent agreement of the companies wholly own subsidiary. Whereby the company will agree to market and promote health-oriented specialty rice.


We will look at various valuation methods for ABV Consulting, which will help determine a fair value for the company, which is often determined by what a typical buyer will be willing to pay for partial or full control of ABV Consulting. The company’s intrinsic value may not be the same as its current market prices. In that case, there may be opportunities to profit from the mispricing, as we are assuming that the price will eventually merge with its value.


When you analyze the relationships between fundamental ratios across ABVN competition, you can often find correlations between the indicators driving the company’s intrinsic values.


Let us now introduce its CEO and delve deeper into this company and its opportunities to traders and investors.

William Wong Wai Lim is ABV Consulting Inc.’s chief executive officer since June 2016. With his key experience and qualifications, you can quickly work out why this company is attracting interest globally.

He is a very committed and engaged leader who has strong communication skills. He has over 25 years of experience in the sales and marketing industries. He is in a leadership role among colleges and is a highly responsible and truthful individual to enhance and promote previous development and expansions. He uses his strong communication skills to keep his staff motivated and producing a better work environment and atmosphere.


William has worked with previous films, where he actively enhances their development and expansion. His valuable experience engaged him in communicating with the clients in China and Hong Kong, and even in Asia.


William believes that all successful business is based not just on the industry but also on its company spirit (teamwork). That is why ABV Consulting Inc. and its team will enforce it to becoming a much better and powerful company globally.


Let us now delve deeper into this company to discover William’s mission, vision, and strategies to take this company forward, which will undoubtedly attract traders and investors to discover its full potential for growth and wealth.

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ABVN Mission & Strategy

ABV Consulting (ABVN) provides a platform for collaboration and promotion, which is solely aimed at small to medium-sized organizations in various industries. They aim to optimize their management structures and promotion strategies, particularly in Asian countries. These business relationships with growth enterprises will provide funding to settle financial issues the companies may encounter or provide equally beneficial business operations of mergers and acquisitions. It is beneficial to organizations to create various business opportunities to generate the greatest value for these companies.


ABV Consulting Inc’s vision is based on professionalism, integrity, and honest spirit to work closely with each enterprise, whatever the size or industry they are in globally.


ABVN Strategy is to adopt their marketing experience with their strong networks throughout Asia, facilitating investing in qualified projects or organizations. This will enable ABV Consulting to become a strong community of interest worldwide.


ABV Consulting Inc wants to facilitate, educate, and support its clients to achieve outstanding performance, positively impacting the company. They also offer services to help ease financial risk in various enterprises.

Their partners’ network is based throughout Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. And we anticipate that entities will continue their historic function as financial and advisory intermediaries in Asia and globally.


Upon becoming a public company, ABV Consulting must comply with various rules, which require all management to certify financial or other information in quarterly reports and provide an annual management report of their internal control of their financial reporting.


ABV Consulting inc has now established itself on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The company plans to drive more followers and engagement to enhance its online credibility. No doubt with its baseline of content and recent news through these social media platforms will create more interest and positively affect the share price.

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Key Stock Data

Investing in stocks like ABVN is an excellent way to grow wealth. It is often said that price action tends to repeat itself, based on the psychological patterned thinking of traders and investors which can be related to ABV Consulting recent news headlines and financial news data. This data can be viewed on many brokerage platforms and charts. However, many of these research tools are not sophisticated or very difficult to apply to retail traders or investors interested in ABVN.

We have been through a bull market for almost 20 years, which was the height of efficient and optimal market notions amongst traders and investors, mutual funds, and indexing ascendancy. We are now facing challenging times globally where the markets will provide potential gains due to their volatility.


We are all aware that stock markets are volatile and can fall significantly in response to adverse recent news, political, market, or other economic developments. For long-term investors, stocks are a good investment even during volatile markets; a market downturn can mean that there are many stocks for sale.


Let us now analyze some of the key market data for more information on this emerging company.


Market data

This report includes the statistical and other industry and market data, which has been obtained through research and other publications online.

Market Data key information



PE Ratio


The price to free cash flow measures the valuation of the particular stock, which is relative to the company’s underlying assets.

Market capitalization


This measures the company’s total value based on their stock price and multiplied by shares outstanding.

You can calculate the diluted loss per share by dividing the company’s net loss, which is available to common shareholders, and by the diluted weighted average of shares outstanding during that period.

We have now considered ABV Consulting Inc’s daily stock price concerning its headlines to evaluate its performance. We will now analyze some of its recent news to understand its recent stock price better and discover its buying potential as an investor.

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Financial News

HK PE fund diversifies and to Malaysia.


Evergreen offshore Inc. goes into the Malaysia tourism sector for long-term gains. This Hong Kong-based company launched a private equity fund worth 10 billion, and it is called the Asia Pacific one belt one road to the tourism industry fund.


The company is building an existing and strong relationship between China and Malaysia. Evergreen offshore will further boost the relationship by investing in the country’s tourism sector. There is no doubt it will encourage a long-term gain for the company. The decision to fund Malaysia was backed by the evident growth of its tourism industry and also the government’s plan to increase its investments in this sector.


This plan is based on a long-term vision to promote the tourism sector in various countries and regions throughout the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. It is also understood that the Malaysian government will increase its investment in the tourism industry.


In Malaysia, tourism is the third-largest source of foreign exchange earnings, estimated to reach 262.2 billion in 2025.


Through working with Hong Kong and China. Malaysia will certainly gain better financial strength and undoubtedly strengthen its infrastructure to achieve productivity and attract even more investment.


One belt one Road is a strategy developed by the Chinese who Focuses on the cooperation among countries between China and the rest of Eurasia. Malaysia is situated on the south belt, and many sectors have come together to contribute to investing in relevant projects.


Evergreen is currently in talks for potential project owners involved in the tourism development projects. The company has allocated approximately 2 billion from the fund for investment in Malaysian projects. This fund is managed by the Hong Kong company Ever Centurion Limited. AFV Consultants Group, an exclusive partner utilizing strategies, is involved in the assessment and due diligence processes.


Launch of Asia-pacific one belt one Road tourism industry fund


Hong Kong-based evergreen offshore Inc. launches a 10 billion tourism industry fund. Which is a private equity fund in Malaysia’s ever-growing tourism markets.


Malaysia’s tourism industry has backed Evergreen’s decision for their debut fund in Malaysia, and the government plans to increase its investment in the developing sector.


Malaysia is the third-largest source of foreign exchange earnings due to its tourism and travel sector. This fund will no doubt bring the tourism of Malaysia and other regions to a new next level.


This fund is managed by the Hong Kong-based company Ever Centurion Limited. AFV Consultants Group Is the strategy partner in Malaysia and is involved in project assessments and due diligence.


There is no doubt that this deal will encourage the Malaysia tourism sector and bring new revenue streams to Evergreen offshore Inc. and its partners.

The Safest, best Dividend Yield Found.

The average dividend yield is about 2.8% for emerging market stocks, representing the dividend ratio to the share price. The high dividend yield is over 10% and is usually considered very risky, but low dividends are not beneficial to long-term investors and usually at 1% or less.


ABV Consulting’s average weighted capital cost is roughly 7.17%, which makes the company a very interesting proposition for potential gains.

Many institutional investors and traders are aggressively trading amongst themselves; then, it is no surprise when the company’s price is soaring to new highs for no particular reason.


Investors will form their own opinions of Abv Consulting’s value even if it does differ from its market value, which is called intrinsic value, which is its true underlying value.


All being considered. Abv Consulting stock price concerning its recent news and social media activity to predict its potential performance. This looks like a very attractive proposition for further study and research. We are currently putting Abv Consulting Inc. on our watchlist as we feel this penny stock shows great potential for growth and trading opportunities.

ABVN Questions Answered

How do I buy ABV Consulting shares?

To buy shares in ABV Consulting, you need a share-dealing account with an online or offline broker. Once you have arranged your account and funded it, you’ll be able to search and select stocks to buy and sell. You can use Stockopedia’s or tradestation’s stock research software to help you find the kinds of stocks that suit your investment strategy and your objectives.


What is the market cap of ABV Consulting?

Shares in ABV Consulting Inc are trading at $0.45, which gives the company a market capitalization of £1.83m.


Where is ABV Consulting Inc’s stock listed?

Here are the details for ABV Consulting Inc: Country of listing: United States Exchange platform: PNK Ticker Symbol is: ABVN


Who are the shareholders of ABV Consulting Inc?

The top shareholders of ABV Consulting Inc is based on the size of their holdings: Kang Min Global Holdings Ltd Corporation Percentage owns: 85.85% (4.75m shares) Zhang (Ping), who is an Individual Investor Percentage owns: % (n/a shares)



What is a bad PE ratio?

Investor Expectations, a high P/E, will suggest that investors expect higher earnings and growth in the future than other companies with a lower PE Ratio. A lower P/E can indicate that a company’s stock may currently be undervalued or perform exceptionally well relative to its past trends.


Are dividend stocks better than growth stocks?

Growth stocks usually have a higher beta than mature, dividend-paying shares. Which can result in larger swings in price movement and more chance of losing money. In a bear market, low beta, dividend stocks will perform as investors seek income and shelter.