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Asia broadband inc AABB is a company that focuses its resources on production, supply, and sales in the field of precious and base metals, primarily directed to Asian markets, through its wholly owned subsidiary Asia Metals.

AABB Fundamentals

The company leverages its specific geographic advantage and experience to expand contacts with the industry, and thus facilitates innovative distribution processes, from its production and supply of precious and base metals in Guerrero to its facilities in Mexico, and from all customer sales networks in Asia.


The company approaches sales transactions differently, seeking efficient integration, focusing its efforts on achieving its objectives, and taking full advantage of the strength of Asia broadbands, these aspects make the difference between the Company and its shareholders.


Asia broadband inc bases its operations on providing services in technology and also through various forms of digital education, offering services in education that are based in the classroom, and services for content on the broadband Internet network of the People’s Republic of China. Formerly known as Gemini Marketing, Inc, Asia broadband inc OTC was incorporated in 1996 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Asia broadband inc AABB, utilizing the functionality of its owned subsidiary Asia metals inc, has received shareholder proposals that are aligned to a variety of shareholder inquiries and suggestions, AABB welcomes and appreciates the ideas and input from shareholders and evaluates and considers the recommendations made by shareholders.


Notwithstanding this, AABB is focused intently on the most recent operational shift to an accelerated development program at its Guerrero gold belt property in Colima, the company’s Mexico facility, and the company’s gold-backed crypto market to be launched at a later date.


A cryptocurrency is being launched with this mine-to-token gold backing value, it is newly minted and the expectation is that it will become a global standard of exchange that enjoys security and reliability leveraged by the backing of the company’s gold.


AABB is concentrating on its efforts to solidly establish new operational guidelines for the Company in the coming months.

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Price of AABB stock

As of December 24, 2020, the closing price of Aabb stock was $0.0078, with dividend stocks paying $0.01 representing a dividend yield of 128 percent.


The Aabb stock price is currently around 0.018 USD with an upward trend, the company has made a proposal to shareholders through the Executive Management and the Board of Directors of Asia Broadband Inc, to seek the momentum for competitive positioning, and to stabilize the price of the AABB stock, seeking to improve AABB’s access to market capitalizations.


Asia broadband inc OTC implements facilities for the execution of various initiatives that are in execution and the proposal is a unique and attractive shareholder remuneration that will guarantee the value of the Asia broadbands stock.


This will serve to further align financial interests that benefit shareholders in accordance with AABB’s management and major trading initiatives.


In this proposed AABB shareholder proposal, AABB will propose a special eventual dividend in the amount of $0.01 USD per share, which will be disbursed in the form of a cryptocurrency that is gold-backed and proprietary to AABB, at the time of the Initial Coin Offering.


Shareholders of record will have the availability of this special one-time dividend on the unrestricted shares, and this will be dependent on the successful completion date of the development of the GBC.


This board resolution on these terms will not serve as a representation or guarantee of the successful development of the GBC, and in that event, the proposed special dividend will be deemed to be null and void for failure to successfully develop the GBC, the shareholders’ agreement does not expect any payments for any consideration other than the receipt of the GBC and will be on the terms of the successful development and offering of the GBC.


It is understood that Asia broadbands make no offers, warranties, or representations for the stock market sectors or for the marketing of the GBC once it is in the possession of the shareholder.


To maximize the benefits of competitive positioning, the Asia broadband incs GBC initiative creates new conditions through which AABB can generate eventual dividend yields with an option that did not exist before, both for the company and the shareholder.


These dividends, it is established that they are commonly remunerated in the form of principal currency since alternative forms of payment are impracticable due to several factors:


  1. The values are not equal for the shareholders, and this is because the value of these remunerations is on the profit that has been delivered, and not on the monetary value.


  1. There would be a prohibition in the generalized distribution because the payment on hard assets would not be feasible to verify its delivery in the shareholder base.


  1. The remuneration achieved cannot be subdivided.


Despite all this, the GBC’s Asia broadband incs initiative acquires the ability to tokenize hard assets such as gold, thus circumventing the old caveats that otherwise rendered the payout unrealizable.


Optionally of the contingency elements in this proposal provide AABB with several options in three different aspects:


  • The payment to be made to shareholders becomes a binary outcome, which will be contingent on the successful completion of the determined projects, if the transaction is not completed this dividend proposal will have no validity and will be null and void.


  • Asia broadband incs, has the opportunity to profit from its liquid assets through innovation, originating from quarterly financial presentations, AABB details cash and cash equivalents in unrestricted shares, thus a dividend of $ 0.01 per floating share can be covered by quick assets that already exist, even though this may impair the capital used in the work.


In this way, special dividend payouts in the form of GBC provide AABB with an alternative to return value to shareholders in the form of equivalent currency, while maintaining a full liquidity position of the company.


  • There are no time restrictions on this proposal, so the options available have a fixed life, and shareholders can profit from these alternative special dividend options.


Dividend optionally is a semi-free feature with risk to shareholders, at compensation prices below $0.01, the shareholder still retains a risk that the development of GBC will not be successful, this is the feature that creates with optional conditions, as opposed to risk transfer, this feature supports additional value that is reciprocal from the top down.


Supporting the stock price at a value above $0.01 is possible because of that optionally, the minimum stock prices are based in large part on the confidence that shareholders demonstrate in management’s ability to meet contingencies that arise to issue dividends.


Asia broadbands intention is for shareholders to have 100 percent security and confidence in the company so that there is no reason for penny stocks to predominate in trading, and they do not trade at values below $0.01, thus avoiding potential arbitrage conditions.


AABB’s management team has every confidence to expect the price of AABB stock to trade at values above $0.01, if these stocks meet the estimates of reaching a minimum current price of $0.05 it would imply a dividend yield of 20 percent, which would prove to be a great figure for any publicly traded equity.


For Asia broadbands this has two value implications:


  • Keeping the price of AABB stock at a value greater than $0.01 is more than necessary for an OTCQB listing initiative belonging to Asia broadband incs, the eventual dividend being proposed gives AABB a great chance of achieving eligibility in these criteria and, gaining an unbeatable outlook, and in turn, being able to enter market capitalizations.


  • Achieving balance and harmony by agreeing to this proposal increases capital raising efforts, while at the same time cushioning and diluting shareholder dilution.


The company is looking for the most perfect way to enter the financial markets and hopes that the eventual dividends will stabilize the stock price at values above $ 0.01, seeking to improve the market capitalizations of Asia broadbands. In this case, if AABB stock is quoted above a value of $ 0.01, representing a dividend yield of 100 percent, it would create the conditions for AABB to think about an increase in supplementary capital.


In this way, AABB will be able to raise equity capital without negatively impacting its market capitalizations.


AABB stock could be affected in its stock price under normal conditions because the existing owners would have to face a dilution, but, with the proposed arrangement, AABB will be able to raise equity capital without negatively impacting market capitalizations.


As proposed, the eventual dividend can be applied to all owners of Asia broadband inc stock that are not restricted from the ex-dividend date, and that may be determined in the future.


If AABB were to increase the floating count, the absolute amounts of dividend stocks in special payments to be made would be increased proportionately, the achievement would be if the confidence of those shareholders can be maintained, that the dividends will be paid at some point, even if the theoretical minimum price of $0.01 per share is maintained.


Asia broadband incs can think about the possibility of a second class for the issuance of AABB stock that would not be eligible for special dividends, and thus give flexibility to its capital structure.


The capital increase removes AABB’s requirement for debt financing, so investors will be confident that these earnings will not be reduced by future interest expense.


The skill and efficiency in its operations that AABB has demonstrated may convince investors that the ROE on a capital raise will result in the same or a higher pe ratio.


AABB stock has the advantage of being protected by the perceived benefits of gold, which is the best and safest protection against inflation.


In cases where inflation rises, Asia broadband inc OTC may experience an increase in the efficiency of its operations and its competitive positioning through:


  1. directly impacting its results with the increase in the spot price of gold.


  1. Increasing your profits by being able to avoid the burden of nominal interest that may become progressively higher as time goes on.


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Asia broadband incs economics news

Asia Metals Inc. with a drilling program reaching $4 million solidifies the company’s plans


Asia broadband inc OTC, through its wholly owned subsidiary Asia metals inc, has achieved results in the second phase of its drilling program near the company’s Guerrero gold belt mine in Mexico.


In the last drilling stage of this Phase II program, was completed in the concessions that the Company has in the area called La Coloradas and consisted of 7 holes, with an average depth equivalent to about 398 meters, and drilling was achieved with 2,785 meters in total.


With these results, intersections of gold mineralization were found, which meant great news for Asia metals inc, since this gold is of high grade, and its finding was made in several drill holes and these gold values are more significant, in total were 4.4 meters with grades at 12.3 grams per ton and 5.2 meters with a grade at 10.8 grams per ton and 5.7 meters with the classification at 8.0 grams per ton.


The $4M Phase II Exploration and Development Program commenced in late 2019 and has now been completed with a total of 48 holes and 21,037 meters drilled at completion.


The successes that have been achieved are very well-received by AABB management and the company’s technical team, the mine has had historic gold production to date, the outlook is very strong on gold production at these mines, which makes AABB continue its expansion.


Driven by these circumstances, AABB’s subsidiary, Asia metals, has achieved a threefold increase in gold production in the last quarter, due to higher daily throughput levels and efficiency in precious and base metal extraction achieved with new production facilities.


The company’s operations have also benefited from strong economic and environmental conditions in the area, which have favored the jobs of gold producers and resulted in higher demand from the investment community.


The possible economic collapse, and the uncertainty that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused, has brought positive effects to the gold producers, all this has resulted in a very significant growth phase and has raised all expectations for even higher profit margins, which indicates that the mining operations of AABB’s subsidiary have given very satisfactory results.



AABB subsidiary Asia metals inc sells Guerrero mine facilities


Asia broadband inc AABB, through its subsidiary Asia metals inc, announced that the Company sold its mineral property and mining operations at the Guerrero gold belt facility in Mexico to a joint venture partner, the Qiangda-Investments, &, Economics.


The terms of the sale provided for a cash consideration of $52 million, and a transfer of $30 million worth of gold bullion, plus the assignment of a 28 percent equity interest in the Company, plus all operating controls, plus property and facilities authorities are transferred to management personnel to be appointed by the new owners.


AABB conducted pre-feasibility evaluations on the Guerrero property and belt mine and facilities, and based on this management made the decision to enter into this transaction, the reason for this sale has turned out to be the large capital required to build and develop this property and its operations on a large scale.


The non-sustainability of such a project over time, and the consequent loss of control over operations, has led to this situation.


After intense meetings evaluating the efforts in Asia broadband inc OTC realized that it had reached the maximum level of added value in its property of the Guerrero Gold Belt mine, so the advantage for the company is oriented to the change of approach, exploiting the resources and experience to repeat the success achieved in the development of the Guerrero Gold Belt.


Thus, with the knowledge of the joint venture partner QIEC in the Guerrero Gold Belt operation, and with the interest acquired, for the expansion and control of the property, it became the right buyer of this Guerrero Gold Belt project in order to extract the maximum possible value.


Qiangda Investments provided great financial and operational support over the past two years that allowed this event to be achieved, to launch the company to a high level of operations, to achieve capitalization in a rapid manner, including all new projects and future opportunities.



AABB’s Asia Metals Inc. entered into negotiations seeking to expand the presence of its gold property in Colima, Mexico.


Through its owned subsidiary Asia Metals Inc, it entered into negotiations for the purchase of 200 hectares to be added to its mineral property next to the company’s San Palmar gold property in Colima, Mexico.


The excellent geological and geophysical conditions along AAB’s property create the opportunity to strategically acquire and complement and expand the development of its mineral assets in this mining area of Mexico.


Asia broadband incs, a few days ago began construction of exploration, development, and road facilities on its high potential gold and base metals property primarily San Palmar, in order to accelerate the process of moving towards production.


Surveys have revealed indications of very significant mineralized structures in many sectors of the property, located in a very important gold, iron, and copper producing area, which is located approximately 25 km east of the Peña Colorada mine, located in Minatitlán, Mexico.


San Palmar is the property located in the region where AABB has the proven resource advantage for development and has the necessary expertise to execute such developments at an accelerated pace, they have added the Colima property to the portfolio, motivated by a very high potential for development and gold production, what the company is basically looking for, is to repeat the success the company achieved in Guerrero.


The company plans for the first month of the year to make the final sale and finalize the details of the deal involving its mineral property and belt mine and facilities at the Guerrero Gold Belt mine acquired by joint venture partner the Qiangda Investments, and, Economics Co-Ltd.



AABB Asia metals inc seeks to create a cryptocurrency.


Through its wholly owned subsidiary Asia Metals, it signed an agreement for development with Core State Holdings Corp, which is a creator when it comes to digital assets and crypto wallets, to start production of a white label cryptocurrency that will be backed by gold.


Asian Broadbands Inc, together with Core State Holdings Corp has entered the development process planning all the details in design, branding, implementation, and timing for milestone events for this crypto currency, entering the crypto market.


With this project is to diversify revenues and seek to create liquidity and at the same time monetize gold production, for this, the Company is pleased to collaborate with Core State’s experienced cryptocurrency team, and in the following days will make public all the details of this cryptocurrency project.


Core State Holdings Corp has designed and developed the PTPWallet coin, through extensive research, this is one of the most advanced wallets in the crypto market today.


This PTPWallet platform, since two years ago, has achieved the processing of more than 220,000 transactions from visitors, with an excellent demand from medium and large companies, and through this time that has been in this market the security of its platform has not been threatened in any aspect.


It has demonstrated efficiency, providing multiple benefits in instant transactions, in transactions such as anonymous internal transactions, as well as in loyalty programs and referrals, and has proven to have a solid infrastructure and ease of use.


AABB also plans the design of a website for the brand and in turn, the marketing campaign, Core State Holdings Corp, is in charge of the direction and consultation of the site, which will seek the expansion and circulation of this cryptocurrency that targets a large population and high growth markets globally, including China and India.


In India there is a very high interest in gold in its physical form, which is an advantage in the implementation of the cryptocurrency, it will benefit in the revaluation of AABB stock and the entry of Asia broadband incs in this crypto market, both in India, a country with a population of over 1,353 million people.


On the other hand, the entry of the cryptocurrency in the Chinese market is also significant, with more than 1,393 million inhabitants it becomes an attraction for the development of business oriented to this type of currency in these two countries, both with the largest population in the world, where the company will surely achieve significant increases in the prices of AABB stock.

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