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Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. is a Canadian based investment company dedicated to identifying and making equity investments globally in companies that work with plant-based proteins, and that develop and commercialize innovative food technology and alternative food based products.

Eat Beyonds stands out for offering small investors a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of a wide variety of options in the alternative food sector, and to have access to companies that are leaders in this field, and that focus their efforts on providing food that is increasingly smarter and safer.

Eat Beyond Global

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc., with its global profile, is able to serve clients around the world, facilitating investment in a very promising sector, such as the future of food.


Eat Beyond Global focuses its efforts on staying at the forefront of the demand for plant-based and alternative protein sources globally, taking advantage of the momentum of this market, which is in a stage of incredible growth, urging those seeking to invest in safe and productive businesses, to offer interested parties and making available the experience as an investment issuer.


Providing plant-based, ethical and safe food becomes a key factor in consumers’ decision-making, and they choose to make this alternative an important part of their investment strategies,  taking into account the value of the EATS Stock.


Eat Beyond Global Holdings is an innovative, asset-managed investment and a special food opportunity for culinary investors.


Eat Beyond Global Holdings is an innovative, asset managed investment and a special food opportunity for culinary investors, this company is undoubtedly the first of its kind, with the most sophisticated platform in innovation, offering access to the leading companies that provide alternative food sector sourcing around the world.

Important factors of Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. that value the EATS Stock

Eat Beyonds investment in innovation focused on growing the plant-based and alternative food industry to meet the global demand for food safety by creating an efficient and cost-effective form of non-animal protein.


The company offers access to this emerging and dynamic area of the food industry, with quality agreements that bring many advantages and provide unparalleled sourcing capabilities.


The return targets, which are not supported in the medium term, are in excess of 20 percent, and through investment opportunities for industrial partners who have been actively working with the fund’s investment.


Another of the company’s objectives is to uncover 15 to 20 key equity-related investments in the range of $1 million to $10 million over an initial 4-year period, with a minimum ownership target of 5 percent plus.


Providing capital for select purchases and acquisitions, in conjunction with growth and expansion opportunities, will

growth and expansion opportunities, focused on selected geographies such as North America, Europe, Israel, and follow on to key countries such as Asia and Latin America, where opportunities may be aligned with Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc.’s objectives.


Investment in innovation is focused on industry growth in the alternative protein industry to satisfy the to meet global demand and food security with the timely, rapid and effective creation of with the timely, rapid and efficient creation of non-animal proteins.


Execute outflows through management-issued buybacks, trade sales in the industry and public markets.


With respect to deal flow, the focus of Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. focus is on companies that are in a growth phase in key categories such as:


  • Plantbased proteins
  • Fermented foods
  • Crop farming
  • Food Tech


Investment targets in early rounds, up to Series A, B and with traction for early sales and with growth in distribution.


Downstream opportunities


Novel protein sources based on plants, algae, fungi, tubers, etc., cultivated and immortalized. Immortalized cultured proteins and cell lines.


Food and Biotechnology based on non-animal growth medium, industrial bioreactor machinery, in plant based food products Seafood fillets, Crustaceans, Pork.


In distribution, Food Service & Sets of plant based ingredients.  


Objectives of the portfolio company




40 percent food tech focus on value proposition and development of product offerings for the consumer, by means of an innovation intellectual property.


30 percent CPG Focused on low-tech, culinary-driven products through timely market access, a well-organized and well-defined product migration plan, with the ability to scale quickly and achieve geographic expansion.


15 percent Production Focused on increasing manufacturing capacity and streamlining production by eliminating bottlenecks, these types of investments reduce risks to the company’s portfolio.


10 percent Exploration looking for new areas of testing as the market for alternative proteins develops and advances.

5 percent Cellular Agriculture, this focuses on innovations and redesign throughout food production in this cellular level technology.


Opportunities over the life of this Fund


500 sourcing


Greater than 200 in high-level review


Greater than 120 in Finance Opportunities and Analysis


Greater than 60 in Investment Committee


Over 30 in Due Diligence


Greater than 20 in Negotiation


Greater than 15 to 20 in investment


EATS Stock

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. News

The Very Good Food Company Inc. is a global plant-based and alternative food tech company that designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and sells a wide range of plant-based and other plant-based and alternative food products, including roasts, steaks, burgers, pepperoni, ribz, roast, sausages, Stuff’er and Tacos, stuffed products, and seasonal specialty products such as vacation ham, seitan bacon.

The company offers these products under the brand name The Very Good Butchers, and sells the products through its wholesale and e-commerce stores, also in butcher shops.

Above Food is responsible for developing and distributing high quality whole-vegetable alternatives to meat and dairy, creating delicious, nutrient-rich, branded-ingredient consumer products using proprietary blends of plant-based proteins, which are created from locally sourced legumes and gluten-free grains.

 Above Food distributes the products in the marketplace, utilizing established strategic relationships with leading packaging company partners, distributors and e-commerce platforms that are more directly accessible to the consumer.

Portfolio company Nabati Foods Inc. provides natural, plant-based foods for the hard-to-find health-conscious consumer who craves the enjoyment of plant-based and alternative foods that are healthier without having to shy away from taste, with over 300 food retailers listed in Canada, including Buy Low Foods, IGA, Sobeys, Save on Foods and Whole Foods Market, as well as an online retailer in the US.

Nabati is in full growth with its veggie brand, has excellent demand, its products are free of major allergens, making them attractive to many market segments, increasing the stock picking of EATS Stock.

TurtleTree Labs became the first company in biotechnology worldwide, with the ability to make milk from all mammals, using methods they have patented based on cells, which are promising products for the future, not only in the form of milk, but also in the form of milk.

The team will be working with the best in the industry to adopt methods that can be sustainable and safe for the creation of milk, and to make the greatest impact.

 TurtleTree Labs has the ability to reduce its carbon footprint by nearly 100 percent and aims to contribute to helping save the world by replacing dairy cows in the times to come.

SingCell is building a scalable clean meat manufacturing platform in Singapore to enable alternative meat companies around the world to target markets in APAC and around the globe.

 The company’s investment will be distributed as follows:

30 percent for rental payments for its facilities.

30 percent for consumables and other OPEX payments

40 percent for payroll and working capital payments.

As SingCell is a privately held company, SingCell’s strategy is to seek opportunities to sell SingCell’s common stock as SingCell develops through sales and stock exchange transactions.

Company Good Natured posts production and distribution of one of the widest assortment of products in North America, everyday products that are manufactured with a high percentage of renewable inputs that are of vegetable origin and do not contain bisphenol, phthalates or other chemical ingredients that could be harmful to human health and the environment.

With more than 385 products and services, Good Natured is dedicated to the creation of environmentally friendly products that are used in the home and in businesses, also in its wide range produces food packaging, take-out containers for restaurants and many other products, medical and industrial supplies that are designed with the precaution of not harming the planet.

 The plan is designed to increase sales, minimize waste and reduce the impact on the environment by offering a fresh, consumer-friendly brand.

Eat Just, Inc.’s mission is to build a system in the food sector that enables people to eat well. Scientists and researchers working for the company exploit unique discovery platforms to innovate food ingredients, and the products are developed by Michelin-starred chefs.

The EATS stock is currently trading at 3.39 CAD, with opening prices of 3.58 CAD, a High of 3.58 CAD, a Low of 3.31CAD, with market capitalizations of 64.86M, with pe ratio N/A.

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc has a share structure of the EATS Stock with a share count where issued common top stocks outstanding are 15,770,710, special warrants convertible into common shares amount to 3,362,640, with total issued and outstanding of 19,133,350, and warrants of 12,325,000, with broker warrants of 318,159 with options 1,450,000, RSUs 500,000, for a total issued and outstanding fully diluted 33,726,509.

The Special Warrants were issued to purchasers in certain provinces in Canada, in a private placement where there were no intermediaries.

The acceleration in vegetable protein investments plays in EATS Stock favor, Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc, sees its net income increase and dividend stocks rise significantly on the Canadian securities exchange and the New York Stock Exchange where investors are desperate to buy EATS Stock at the opening bell on the stock exchange floors, up 84 percent at the openings.

The reason for this market move in favor of EATS Stock is investor bets on vegetable meat brands, and the record IPO of Beyond Meat, supported by other events such as the announcement that HP is now a vegetable meat brand and other news that Hain Celestial sold the WestSoy meat replacement business.

Canada’s companies and farmers are betting on investments in plant-based protein in the face of skyrocketing demand.

Eat Beyond pleased with success at ESTV NFL Alumni Association American, Cancer Society Superbowl Event

According to the reports that have been provided on the audience figures in the United States on the celebrity video game challenge event are overwhelming.

Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc. CSE EATS, Eat Beyond was pleased with the sponsorship it gave to the Madden Yard Legends Challenge, as the initial results were very positive, this official event of the famous Super Bowl in that year’s 2021 version, through the NFL Alumni Association American Cancer, with Esports Television and the American Cancer Society Superbowl Event, Celebrities and athletes from top sports leagues participated in the Madden soccer video games.

 Esports TV streamed the events on a variety of platforms for global broadcast.

Eat Beyond had fun capitalizing on this sponsorship, sharing the story and values with the large audience across the multiple platforms that participated in the broadcast, the growing eSports market combined with efficient streaming services is reaching out in an amazing way to investors and consumers, and is shaping up to be the imminent choice of the next generation.

This is why it is very beneficial for this type of association to fit perfectly with the company’s vision of growth, seeking to make a very large number of professional athletes aware of the benefits of adopting plant-based diets.

This event was composed of networking game tournaments and with a very active presence in all social networks, only in the United States 96,738 sessions were registered, with more than 90,056 viewers, which reached in time more than 108,250 minutes of audience.

It is estimated that this event in the coming weeks these numbers will grow significantly and is expected to reach the sum of $1.5 billion by 2023.

Eat Beyond portfolio company Nabati announces mozzarella slices

Nabati announces its mozzarella, Cheeze style with its new bread offering with Beyond, with Beyond Meat.

Nabati Foods Inc. offers its Nabati mozzarella style cheeze shreds included, with in the new Beyond Sausage Arrabbiata, a Mini Pizza made with COBS plants, and is included in new cobs, and available in 130 COBS stores in Canada, including Beyond Meat, Beyond Sausage, Italian Sausage Crumbles, and Nabati Mozzarella Style Cheeze Shreds, with roasted red bell pepper, with chili flakes, on a Turkish dough, which is a base leaven.

Eat Beyond, portfolio company Good Natured, wins with plastic ban

Eat Beyond portfolio company Good Natured has benefited from an Oct. 7 announcement by the Canadian government on the single use of plastics by 2021, with the portfolio’s stock price rising from $0.14 in October to $1.07 today.

Good Natured has the broadest assortment in North America of more than 385 types of environmentally friendly packaging for food, plant-based household and commercial products, as well as containers for use in take-out services.

The investment in Good Natured has exceeded the initial investment by more than 10 times, and is continually evaluating trends in plant-based food technology and alternative proteins.

Eat Beyond’s portfolio includes a range of industries, allowing it to capitalize on growth in an integral cross-section of the constantly evolving food space, including cellular agriculture, plant-based proteins, plant-based dairy, baby food, natural food brands, and eco-friendly packaging.

News on Pr Newswire from Eat Beyond

Eat Beyond adds Above Food to portfolio

The growing plant-based, seed-to-fork platform Above Food, which serves more than 35 countries and more than 300 commercial customers, has invested in Above Food Inc., which is dedicated to developing and distributing high-quality whole plant alternatives to meat and dairy through the creation of its consumer products and branded ingredients that deliver nutrient-rich, great tasting ingredients.

Its proprietary vegetable protein blends, created from heirloom legumes and gluten-free grains, are positioned in the marketplace using strategic relationships with major co-packers, distributors and e-commerce platforms to reach the consumer directly, with global distribution revenues of $127 million in the last year.

Eat Beyond with its portfolio company Eat Just enters the cultured meat market in Singapore

The portfolio company, Eat Just Inc. a San Francisco-based food technology company focused on the production of meat and egg substitutes, received approval to market its lab-grown chicken product in Singapore, the first government to accept the sale of cultured meat.

This technology in cellular agriculture has made possible the production of meat avoiding the slaughter of animals, obtaining a very similar final product, and it is manufactured without exaggerated inputs and without external negative consequences that modern industrial agriculture could produce.

 The advanced economy in this country makes it a great seedbed of this cellular agriculture and food technological innovation, leading this global advance, the government pursues the achievement of a change in food production, seeking that the production in the local agriculture, satisfy more than 30 percent of the food demand, during the next ten years.

Currently, the country alone produces 10 percent of food consumption, its population of almost 6 million people depend on what they buy from other nations.

The meat that is produced in laboratories does not require large extensions of land, as is required by common agriculture, and is humanly possible and sustainable, the immediate achievement sought is to minimize the costs to produce these products.

This in the very short term will have to favor the increase in the value of EATS Stock.